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5 Places To Buy Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrops

Chroma key green screen backdrops are highly popular today because of its ability to add more variations to photos and videos. With the use of Chroma key green screen, you would be able to change the background of the shots you took. Backdrops are now commonly used in photo booths, photography studios, filming industry, and others. If you want to take advantage of this technology, it is best to know where to buy them. In this post, let me share with you 5 places to buy Chroma key green screen backdrops.

1. Green Screen by Cowboy Studio

Green Screen Cowboy This Chroma key green muslin screen measures 9 x 15 feet. It comes with 2 support tripods, 3 support cross bars, and one carrying case. Considering the full size of this screen, it is big but you can easily fold it to meet your desired size. The drawback of this green screen is its thickness. It is thin and so you should not use it against any other source of light.

2. Green Screen by Fancier Studio

Green Screen Fancier Studio The size of this Chroma green muslin backdrop is 6 x 9 feet. It comes with a rod loop but the backdrop stands are not included in the package. It is sold separately. So this is fairly cheaper compared to other products. The color of the screen looks vibrant and it is uniform all throughout the fabric.

3. Green Screen by ePhoto

Green Screen EPhoto Made of 100% cotton and high-quality muslin material, this Chroma key green screen is one of the ideal products for your needs. It is very easy to fold and can be washed as needed. The size is 10 x 12 feet and the edge are stitched to ensure durability.

4. Green Screen by Prism

Green Screen Prism This is a huge green screen backdrop measuring up to 10 x 20 feet. It is made with 100% and muslin cloth. You can ensure high-quality images as this product does not have any seam. Stitched edges are also included to ensure you can use it for a very long time. You can easily hook this on a backdrop stand because of its 3.4” rod pocket.

5. Green Screen by ePhotoInc

Green Screen ePhotoInc The green screen is made with top-grade cotton and non-pollutant textile. It is extremely durable and you can wash it anytime. The edges are stitched and it has a 3-inch rod pocket for easy set-up. Though this is made with a quality fabric, you might need to iron the fabric before use.


There you go. That’s our list of the Chroma green screen backdrops. Before buying any product, make sure you read the reviews and see what people thinks about it. Finally, you need to explore all possible choices to ensure you made an informed decision.
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