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Where To Buy Heavy Duty Light Stand Sandbag Saddlebag

Sand saddlebags are really useful when it comes to photography and videography. Professional photographers have them on their must-have list. The sandbag saddlebag has many uses and most of the time, you can also use your creativity to be able to maximize its usefulness.

Saddlebags can be used to stabilize light stand, serve as a platform for a camera if your tripod can’t get low enough, lessen the occupational hazard related to photography, and others. With these in mind, you need to have sand saddlebags if you are really serious about your photography.

Here are some of the places where you can buy heavy duty light stand sandbag saddlebag.

1. Orange Sandbag saddlebag by Cowboy Studio

Sandbag saddlebag by Cowboy Studio

Their sandbags are made with high-quality materials. You can be sure that they are durable and long-lasting. The package comes with four sandbags that can be used to stabilize lighting equipment. The bag comes empty and can be filled with rocks, sand, gravel, or even bottled water.

2. Yellow Sandbag saddlebag by Neewer

Sandbag saddlebag by Neewer

These saddlebags are designed for easy use. It can hold up to 20 lbs of sand. The bag is extremely durable as it is made with a heavy duty construction grade material. It comes with dual interior compartments with double zippers. Use this to stabilize tripod stands, truss totems, bases, and lighting equipment.

3. Purple Sandbag saddlebag by PBL

Sandbag saddlebag by PBL

The product comes with four heavy duty sandbags. Its main advantage is its price. It is like buying four sandbags at a price of one. Since the bags are not pre-filled, you have the freedom to decide how much weight you should add to the bag. However, the color may be a little off. The bag is colored with blue and black stripe instead of yellow and black.

4. Sandbag saddlebag by StudioFX

Sandbag saddlebag by StudioFX

These saddlebags are constructed with nylon. It has dual compartments with a size of 10.25” x 9.25”. You can choose what type of fillers you would use. It can be sand, gravel, nuts, bolts, and other heavy materials.

5. Sandbag saddlebag by Hibo

Sandbag saddlebag by Hibo

These sandbags can handle up to 20 lbs of weight. Again, it is heavy duty and can resist tearing for a very long time. The sandbag is double zippered to prevent sand from leaking out. Use this for your light and boom stand, outdoor and indoor studio. Because of its zebra-striped appearance, the sandbag can be easily seen.

6. Sandbag saddlebag by ePhoto

Sandbag saddlebag by ePhoto

This is another great and heavy duty sandbag that can hold a maximum weight of 20 lbs. There are two interior compartments to ensure sand and other materials will remain inside.

7. Sandbag saddlebag by LimoStudio

Sandbag saddlebag by LimoStudio

This is a lightweight, versatile and compact sandbag. Four sandbags are included. The price is reasonable and you can easily buy more of these to fulfill your photography needs.

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