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Where To Buy Collapsible Backdrop (portable)

Running your own photography business can be difficult without the use of the right tools and equipment. One of the simple and yet useful tools in photography is the collapsible background. These collapsible background items are very easy to use and highly portable. They can be used to improve the beauty of your images and enhance the professional look of your pictures.

Now that you know the importance of collapsible background, it is time for you to learn where to buy them. In this post, let me share with some of the places where you can buy durable and quality collapsible background.

1. Super Collapsible Background

Super Collapsible Background

This white collapsible background measures 8 ft by 16 ft. It is spot washable and has a strong outer frame. The product is ideal to be used in stills, portraits, and TV or video work. Since it is collapsible, it can easily be set up or stored in a carry bag. The background can be used vertically or horizontally.

2. Polaroid collapsible background

Polaroid collapsible background

There are two sides of this background. One side is white, the other is black. So it is like buying two collapsible backgrounds with a price of one. The collapsible background is ideal for product and headshot photography. It is very easy to clean since it is spot washable. Like any other collapsible background, it can easily be folded and carried to a case. The size is 5 ft by 7 ft.

3. Collapsible background (Chroma blue and green)

Collapsible background

The collapsible background is small and easy to setup. It measures 5 ft by 7 ft. This product is perfect for shooting simple headshots and small objects. The manufacturer of this collapsible background adds a see-thru storage bag in the package for easy transportation.

There are two sides of the collapsible background. One side is green while the other side is blue. Because of this feature, your clients will have more choices when it comes to their photos. These collapsible backgrounds can also be used for Chromakey techniques.

4. CanadianStudio Collapsible Background

This collapsible background has two sides. The colors include white and black. The size of the collapsible background is 5 ft by 7 ft. This product is made of the high-quality muslin and 100% cotton material. Because of the materials used, it can significantly reduce light reflection and assist in creating better images. Again, the features include quick setup and easy to fold and collapse. The edges of the collapsible background are built with a durable metal frame that is sewn into the fabric. Finally, it is self-stretching and resistant to creases.


These are some of the best collapsible backgrounds available in the market today. Better check them out and see which one would be a perfect fit for your need.

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