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10 Best Photo Booth Social Media App + Softwares

Photo booth social media apps and software programs are very important when it comes to driving more sales to your photo booth business. While it is true that you can come by without these, it will be very difficult to do things manually. If you want to really boost the image of your photo booth business and give it a more professional feel, it is imperative for you to include software and apps.

In this post, let me give you 10 of the best photo booth social media applications and software programs. These items would surely bring your photo booth business to the next level!

1. LiveBooth

live booth app

LiveBooth is a very useful application that can be used by event photographers and photo booth business owners. It can be set to create a real-time slideshow or serve as a social sharing kiosk. It is very easy to connect with a tethered or wireless DSLR.

2. Photo Booth Connected

Photo Booth Connected

Using this software, you can easily share captured images via social media websites. It can be used to share, upload, and print photos. There is also a built-in green screen removal for higher customization capabilities.

3. Photo Party Upload

Photo Party Upload

This is an application for iPad and Windows devices. This is among the first devices that allow wireless transfer of photos from a camera to a mobile device. After that, guests will be able to share their photos to social media websites.

4. MashBooths


This is a remarkable photo sharing app that makes it very easy to send and receive photos. It is automatically connected to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

5. SnapBooth


No need to wait as you can instantly upload a photo to popular social networking sites with the help of this application. It features full Instagram integration, iPhone and iPad device sharing, and front/back camera option, just to name a few.

6. TIF Social

TIF Social

The TIF Social provide a social media sharing station where guests can easily send their photo booth pictures to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Once you made the purchase, they provide free updates.

7. Sparkbooth


Sparkbooth works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Flickr. The software enables guests to customize their photos in a very simple and easy way. You can simply just download the software and install it on any computer with a webcam, then you are good to go.

8. DslrBooth


The best feature of this software is its user-friendliness. They make setting a photo booth real easy and not complicated. When you download dslrBooth, all you have to do is run it on your computer.

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