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Image Link Code

How-To: Adding Hyperlink To Your Image

  • Copy the code provided below and paste it in your editor. You can use notepad (for windows users) or some HTML editor.
  • Replace REPLACE_LINK_HERE with your own hyperlink.
  • Then IMAGE_URL_HERE with your own img URL. To get IMAGE_URL_HERE,you will need to upload your photo to your server first or go to tinypic.com to load your image, then copy the IMAGE URL provided by your image host.
  • Now, set your image WIDTH and HEIGHT WIDTH_HERE and HEIGHT_HERE with your own size. You can delete this lines: width="WIDTH_HERE" height="HEIGHT_HERE" if you want your picture to be auto-resized instead.
  • And then the last part, IMAGE_CAPTION_HERE with your picture title (this is important for SEO) - so search engines will be able to find your image.
  • Now copy the edited code and paste it on your blog post or wherever part of your site you want your image link to be displayed. All done! :)

Here's an example image with hyperlink using HTML. Try to click and it will direct you to Google.

Example Image Caption

Here's the code for IMG LINK tag:

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