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Where To Find Social Media Sharing Buttons For Your Site


Sharing in social media technically means your content has touched the hearts of your readers and followers.

Whether it’s a great photo, article, interesting facts, memorable quotes, important news, or anything that caught the attention of your site or blog visitor, it’s important that they should be able to easily share your content so that you’ll reach a bigger and wider audience.

As a good strategy for social media marketing, putting up share buttons for various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can give you an overwhelming advantage, since people nowadays are more into instant and quick sharing of information – anything they come across on the web.

They won’t always bother to copy-paste URLs, especially on a mobile device.

So, are you up for the challenge? Do you want your blog or website to get more views and followers? Why not add some social media sharing buttons to it? Here are some of the major social media sites that can lend you a hand in easily putting up customizable share buttons on your site or blog.

Twitter Plugins

Tweet Button

Twitter Sharing Plugin

Facebook Plugins

Facebook Like Buttons

Facebook Like Buttons

Facebook Share Buttons

Facebook Sharing Plugins

Facebook Send Buttons

Facebook Send Buttons

LinkedIn Share Button

LinkedIn Sharing Plugins

Google Plus Share Plugins

Google+ Share Button

Google Plus Share Plugins

Google Plus +1 button

Google Plus +1 Plugins

Pinterest Share Buttons

Pin it Image Hover Button

Pinterest Hover Button
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