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6 Ways To Keep Your Computer In Good Working Condition

Keeping your computer healthy is a must, if you don’t intend to purchase new machine every four months. If you’re the type of person who wants to keep your possession in good working condition as long as possible, then there are things that you can do to reach that goal.

When your computer is in mint condition, it performs better, quieter and it doesn’t break often. As a result, it’ll ruin your productivity throughout the day. With that in mind, booting it up isn’t a problem, even without tweaking or reformatting the entire machine.

Surely, the excellent performance of a machine needs proper grooming, just like a human being. Good thing is that there are several tasks that you can do to keep your unit running efficiently and safely.

Here are some of the favorites provided by thousands of technical experts. They’re easy to do so even novice users can perform them without difficulty.

1. Remove programs that you don’t use

Each time you start your computer, most apps execute a certain process in the background. You won’t notice them. But they’re there. Unfortunately, they consume your aging PC resources, thereby, slowing it down.

According to experts, search bar utilities are the biggest offenders in this area as they automatically attach themselves to any browser you use.

To remove the programs you aren’t using, go to Control Panel and choose “Uninstall a Program” option (or something similar). Once the list appears, you can start uninstalling the programs you don’t use. If you’re not sure about an app, then make a research about it or just leave it there.

2. Defragment hard drive

All computer users/owners are advised to perform it. This is necessary so that all files and programs that get broken up will be put together in one piece. In defragmenting hard drive, you’ll need to go access it through the utility and click on “Defragment” option (or something similar). Both Windows and Mac have options that let you defragment your hard drive.

3. Invest in UPS

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an essential battery that keeps your computer running for a few minutes when the power goes down. Although it requires a significant amount of money to purchase it, it’ll help you prevent data loss or computer damage because of the sudden failure to shut the machine down safely. Further, UPS will also keep your computer from getting damaged because of a sudden drop in electricity supply, especially during thunderstorms.

4. Back up data

It doesn’t only prevent loss of your important files but they can remove your hard drive from piling up. Keep in mind that when your hard drive is full, it can significantly slow down your machine. Plus, it won’t allow you to store new files or update your present files.

These days, you don’t have to invest a new external hard drive or backup your files through a DVD. You can always take advantage of the cloud backup service of various companies. Google, Apple and Microsoft have online backup solutions. Although you can choose to use its free storage, you’ll need to get a premium account if you’ve larger files to backup online.

5. Use a reliable anti-virus

Virus isn’t a big issue with Mac, compared with Windows. So, if you’re using a Windows-based computer, you’ll need to use stronger, more reliable anti-virus software that can prevent infections caused by viruses, worms and Trojans. You’ll also need to install an anti-spam program. To guide you in choosing the right software, you can check online reviews.

6. Keep it cool all the time

Yes, computers, too, need to stay cool. Thus, it requires the installation of a fan. It’s easy to forget about the issues related to keeping the machine cool. But this is necessary to avoid burning it. Make sure that when you’re using the computer, the machine has plenty of airflow on all sides. If you’re using a desktop computer and its system unit lives under a desk or a cabinet, then you need to ensure that there’s proper flow of air. This type of storage can cause the inner space to get hotter and hotter, which may affect the overall performance of your machine.

Don’t think about removing the case around the computer. Instead, keep its fans clean. Or replace them from time to time. You don’t have to invest in a water-cooling kit if you’re an average user. You can just install extra fans inside the machine to further improve the temperature.

It takes a lot of tasks to ensure that your machine can last longer. Even though it’s just a machine, it needs TLC, just like your pets at home. You may invest in UPS or fans and follow the other tips mentioned above to make sure that your machine will keep on running effectively and efficiently. If you take care of your computer, it’ll give its full-time service faithfully for a longer period of time.

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