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Add Video To Your Marketing Efforts For Insanely Awesome Results

Advertisers everywhere know that some marketing efforts pay off better than others. Print ads, popups, emails, and social media blasts all have value and a place in the industry. But savvy marketers have a tried-and-true method of connecting with customers which pays off better than anything else: video.

Since the early days of television, people have watched and enjoyed video advertisements. You may have favorite marketing jingles that you heard as a child, which you can recall in an instant. Most likely, those jingles are associated with a video, which your memory can replay at will. Favorite desserts, board games, and even floor cleaner all have the power to linger in your mind thanks to video marketing.

Fast forward to the digital age, when marketing grew up and evolved into something totally new. With the internet and email, companies have exciting new ways to reach out to customers. As mentioned above, there are many ways to market your product on the internet, but when people feel a connection to your company, they are more likely to buy your product. With the exception of a face-to-face meeting, the best way to connect is through video. Don’t let the idea of creating a video daunt you; simple ones are often just as effective as their fancy counterparts.

If you are in the midst of creating a new marketing plan, check out these reasons for including video.

1. Video Connects on an Emotional Level

Next time you watch a video advertisement, notice yourself tuning into the voice, body language, and facial expressions of the person talking. If he or she is doing a good job, you should feel drawn in, excited about the product, and eager to try it yourself. Good videos utilize imagery, music, and top-notch editing in addition to human talent to hook customers. By using video marketing for your product, you may be able to convert potential customers into paying customers.

2. Videos Inspire Credibility

There’s something about watching a real-life person talk about a product or service that makes it seem more real and trustworthy. Video marketing, when done well, can inspire credibility with your viewers. Clearly-spoken words, eye contact with the camera, and positive posture are all cues that customers respond to. Not only do they feel emotionally connected, they feel informed and able to make an intelligent decision as a consumer.

3. Video Boosts Your Rankings

Search engine optimization is a primary concern to internet marketers. There are many factors that help bump a webpage to the top of the search results, and two of the most important of them are relevance and engagement. Having videos on your page will help cue the search engine to rank it higher in the search results, because they are signs of relevance and engagement. Not only will customers be more likely to land on your page, they will be more likely to stay and click through, which can lead to more sales for you.

With videos, you have the option of placing them on your page or on YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine in the world. If placed on your page, customers will naturally be more inclined to explore your entire site. However, if your videos on uploaded to YouTube, they may get more views. Choosing where to place your video is dependent on your marketing goals. The healthy food company, hampton creek, uses videos on YouTube to help establish their brand.

4. Video Can Be Used in Many Types of Advertising

The power of video marketing is multiplied when it is part of other types of marketing. For instance, emails that contain video are more likely to increase click-through rates than emails without video. Likewise, popups and social media posts with video are much more likely to grab a customer’s attention. Using video to increase your marketing return on investment becomes a no-brainer when you see the results. Some marketing experts claim that video can double or triple click-through rates, which can make it a very valuable tool.

The benefits of video marketing for business are plain to see. Customers who watch your videos will feel more connected to your company and will have a better recollection of your product. When placed in advertising, videos will boost your search results. As part of an email campaign, videos increase your click-through rate and lead to more sales. Utilizing video in your company’s marketing plan is the way to go if you want the most bang for your buck.

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By Pauline Cabrera

A twenty-something savvy web designer / social media manager / SEO strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. Follow me on social media and say hello! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Twitter

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