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How To Integrate Google Into Wordpress

WordPress is pretty flexible. And when I say flexibel I really mean that. It allows you to take your website into a whole new level by integrating various plugins, themes, services, applications etc. You can change your website’s look and feel from the top to very bottom, and enhance its functionality drastically.

With the recent partnership of WordPress with Google, now you can integrate all of the Google services into your website and make blogging much easier and time saving.

Google offers tons of services and applications, from emailing to innovative maps and data analytics. Sure, Gmail and Google search are probably the most widely used ones by internet users, but there are also other services without which our lives would be much difficult to handle. Below you can find 5 the most widely used Google services and some WordPress plugins that are built to provide seamless integration of those services into your WordPress website.

WordPress Google Maps

Since Google Maps can be found on almost all kinds of websites, Google Maps WD holds the first place in this list. It allows you to bring Google maps to your website with some additional customization options and functionalities. You can create unlimited responsive maps with custom marker icons, overlays and shapes, and give them various styling options with the prebuilt map themes and skins. It comes with a store locator and get directions functionalities and enables you to suggest walking, driving, bicycling and transit routes between two locations. The plugin supports advanced marker listing options which allow you to list the markers as a map legend.

WordPress Google Analytics

Another widely used service that Google provides is Google Analytics. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to collect data on your website performance and see how it is doing. Luckily, we can now access all of our website stats right from the WordPress dashboard with Google Analytics WD plugin. It’s the official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program and offers the most advanced data reporting functionalities. You’ll get detailed reports on your website audience and traffic, including age, gender, technology used, locations, etc. Just as in Google Analytics you can compare data collected from two periods, It comes with custom reporting option and custom dimension tracking, which allow you to track literally every interaction taking place on your website. Also it lets you set and manage goals for tracking targeted activities, and notifies you whenever the goal is accomplished.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a truly popular monetization technique for website publishers to earn additional money from displaying targeted ads. To insert those ads to your website without a plugin will be a complete headache, as you’d have to do everything manually. But with WordPress Google AdSense plugin, things get much easier. It is the official product of Google, which provides support for AdSense integration and Webmaster tools. The plugin supports mobile specific ads and makes sure visitors using mobile phones don’t miss out any of your ads. You can easily manage your ads through its point-and-click interface and manually insert adds to the locations you want. Also, it allows you to exclude pages from having ads on them, if that’s an option you want to go with.

WP Google Search

The service that Google is probably most famous with is its second to none search engine, that allows us to find the most relevant information within less than a second. How powerful is that ? So, the good news is that you can now upgrade the default searching functionality of your WordPress website with the one powered by Google, and provide the most advanced search results to your visitors. You can choose to show the search results found only on your website or anywhere else on the internet.The plugin shows the search results on a page, with a pop-up or on the sidebar of your website. The style of the search box is customizable.

Google Doc Embedder

How often do you use Google drive ? Well, I bet quite too often. It’s a very convenient way to reach out your files from wherever you are. Now, with the Google Doc Embedder plugin you can embed any file types in a web page or post, and provide different viewing options:with the free Google Docs Viewer, inline viewing and file download. No need to install any additional software or plugins. Once you embed the files to your website they are available for public access.

Google Website Translator

Google’s multilingual translation service is a great way to reach out to every single visitor that doesn’t speak your language. With the Google Website Translator plugin you’ll be able to translate your website content into more than 90 languages. It’s easy to set up and has a slick admin panel that integrates well with any WordPress theme. You can select the languages you want your website to be translated in and choose one of the available display styles. Also, you can use it a widget and display it on the sidebar of your website.

Google is, no doubt, one of the most popular brands in the world. It has its influence on almost all aspects of our lives, and blogosphere is not an exception. With the above mentioned WordPress plugins you can integrate several of the most widely used Google services to your website and take its functionality and usability to a completely new level.

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