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How To View Your Own Comments On YouTube

Among the social media platforms, YouTube is one of the leading websites in many ways. This includes both for watching and sharing videos online.

Universally, using YouTube has become a routine where people have been dependent to check their favorite channels.

YouTube allows the user to see new posts that have been posted thus an individual can comment back. On my side, I usually check on YouTube on a daily basis at least once or twice a day. With that, I’m always able to comment on my favorite channels as well as post a reply to those who have commented on my channel.

The challenge I have, however, is that sometimes it can be hard to view my past comments. It has been, therefore, hard for me to be able to edit or delete them in case I wanted to do so. If, coincidentally, you have been in my case, then don’t worry at all.

This article outlines few steps on how to view your comments on YouTube.

1.The first step is obviously to open YouTube website on your website browser so as to get access to your channel.

2.The second step would require you to enter your username and then click search comments.

Unlike earlier, this feature is great where it allows you to find comments on your direct username searching. This, nonetheless, does not allow you to see the past comments but only the recent past comments. Preferably, this option would be best for searching comments that have been posted recently before the search result time limit. If you have been buying YouTube comments, this process can be wearisome. This is because, it is obvious that your followers have been increasing. Clicking on each video to track your comments would consequently be an extra work for you.

The YouTube channel usually has a ‘favorite’ section. This section is usually used by most users to keep their favorites videos. By using this option, you are, therefore, able to gain access to the entire comments in this particular segment. Here is how it goes, what you need to do here is log in first. At the top of the page, there is usually a “sign in” link that will let you scroll over the username. More often than not, it is always at the top of the page. As a result, there is a drop-down menu which pops out to give numerous options. Here, select “favorites” so as to be able to access the favorited videos. Since every video on YouTube has its own comments, you are hereby required to click on each video so that you can view your own comments.

The ‘favorites’ section might be helpful to some level but since it does not allow you to view all the history of the user, the history section can be additionally helpful. This section is good for doing a deeper search to view past comments. The process of accessing this is quite simple. Through the sign in link, you can log in hence you are able to find the history option. You can then either scroll over the username or click on history from the top of the YouTube page. In this case, you have to click on account where you are set to find a variety features. Select history among these features and then you can click on each video hence you can find and view all your comments.

In summary, these YouTube features are very favorable in many ways and for many reasons. If you are in a situation where you made a comment and currently you are regretting, then there is finally a relieve. You don’t have to regret anymore, as long as you can follow this steps you can eventually locate the comment and modify it or even delete it permanently.

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