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Getting To Grips With Shared Workspaces

Shared workspaces have in recent years, become a more and more popular place to do business, and have gained a strong reputation regarding their success. They have been proven to increase productivity, cultivate creativity, as well as improve an employee’s overall well-being and happiness, allowing for more flexible working hours, and alternative working arrangements. This in turn, is the key to their success.

So What Are Shared Workspaces?

A shared workspace is new collaborative environment that takes on many different forms, all depending on the needs of the user. Some of these environments can be virtual, while other have the amenities that come with the usual office space: printers, fax machines, furniture, and the like. They have been designed so that more than one individual can use the space at a time. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of a shared workspace:

Physical and Collaborative

Physically collaborative shared workspaces are also known as coworking spaces, and are spaces that provide users with the ability to collaborate and work more closely together. These physical and collaborative work spaces have been stablished with the aim of providing start-up’s with the office space that they need to get the ball rolling, without having to establish their own form the ground up. More often than not, a costly and potentially business breaking expense.

Physical and Shared

These types of shared workspaces or typically used and shared by multiple people. They are however used on an individual basis by the individuals. It’s almost like time share for office space. A host of different people are able to use the space at the same time for varying purposes. These are ideal options for freelancers or those working remotely, needing to get out of the house.

Virtual and Collaborative

Virtually collaborative shared workspaces are a great tool for those working in cyberspace, needing to work with colleagues in real-time. This form of shared workspace is ideal for holding virtual meetings, whiteboards, and generally collaborating in real-time in a virtual space.

Virtual and Shared

This is the kind of shared workspace where colleagues can share information at an individual level, while operating within a virtual collaborative space. Now although this space is one that can be used in a collaborative manner, the space is still managed by the individual user.

Coworking spaces are manly for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and those who are looking for some more affordable office space, while a shared office space is come fitted with all the traditional perks of a regular office. They have been designed and equipped to allow you greater flexibility without compromising any of your office luxuries and necessities, and come at a fraction of the cost of renting and setting up your own premises.

The numerous benefits that come with the use of a shared workspaces, whatever the form of said space, are proving to be more and more desirable as the business world continually changes. They are the way forward for most, and can help you get your business off the ground in no time.



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