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15+ Inspiring Food Blogs You Should Follow


It’s not difficult to love reading and visiting food blogs. These blogs offer multitude of information and recipe ideas that you can learn to help you become a foodie expert.

The owners of these blogs have great stories to tell about how they’ve come to love foods. Essentially, they can bring out the “chef” inside you.

When you go around the web, you’ll find countless of food blogs. But not all of them are worth your time.

On this list, you’ll find food blogs that have become a favorite of most foodies because they provide tips, pieces of advice and anecdotes about anything.

If you want to learn how to start a food blog, click here. It's an easy tutorial with step-by-step instruction for beginners.

15+ Best Food Blogs To Inspire You Come Up With New Ideas

1. Pinch of Yum

Pinch Of Yum

You’re going to love Lindsay’s down-to-earth take on the cooking department.

As you browse her posts, you’ll learn that being in the kitchen doesn’t always have to be preparing a meal and put it on the table.

Some of her recipes come with a story making them more intriguing. Although it’s a food blog, you’ll realize that her blog isn’t just about the ingredients.

Latest blog post: She tackles about the important things you must know about Garlic Tostones or Puerto Rican’s Fried Plantains.

2. Cookies And Kate

Cookies and Kate Recipe Blog

Let’s face it. Not all attempts to cook are pretty. But this well-written blog of Kate from Kansas City gives you a sneak peek on new adventures in her kitchen obsessing about new recipes.

This blog is addicting and inspiring because it lets you see how a vegetarian recipe is done. Latest post: It’s a naming game of a cocktail that includes Ruby Red grapefruit juice, lemon, rosemary, honey syrup and vodka.

3. Big Girls Small Kitchen

Big Girls Small Kitchen

This blog proves that preparing your own meal isn’t at all boring. In fact, it’s fun and easy. It gives you tips on how to move around the kitchen to make simple or complicated recipes. BGSK is filled with tasty and tasty recipes.

Cara, the main contributor of this blog, includes photos that’ll make you want to reach your computer to have a taste of she has cooked. Most of the recipes included are simple and easy to follow.

Latest post: Cara’s adventure with Alex at Tulhilltown Spirits Distillery.

4. The Year in Food

The Year in Food

This blog offers useful tips that make you feel like you could somehow create magic into your kitchen.

It’s a blog filled with inspiration for those who wish to be a professional chef but doesn’t know where to start.

Latest post: It tackles about how to bake salad with squash and kale. This is a must-try recipe for vegetarians.

5. Chasing Delicious

The Year in Food

It offers recipes that are easy to make. Each is presented with a photo that’ll make you become more interested in preparing it. It also includes tips on how to achieve the best results.

Latest post: It’s a recipe of meringue-topped butternut squash pie.

6. Joe Pastry

The Year in Food

Who doesn’t want to eat home-cooked pastries? If you do love them, then you should head over to Joe Pastry that showcases different recipes with mouthwatering photos.

It’s owned by Joe who worked as a consultant in the food industry. Currently, he and his wife have a baking business in Kentucky.

Latest recipe: A perfect cake for winter evening meal – Rosace a l’orange

7. The Best Remedy

The Year in Food

Although the name appears to be about home remedies, the blog is much more than that.

The best remedy actually pertains to a remedy for your stomach as it features mouthwatering recipes with interesting tales.

Latest recipe: This sparkling cider will teach you how to make a drink made of lemon juice, bourbon, and cider cinnamon stick.

8. Not Without Salt

The Year in Food

Check out the recipes of Not Without Salt that are salted and sweet. It gives you tips and tricks on how to prepare meals and enjoy the process of making good food.

Latest recipe: This Peppermint Hot Chocolate Affogato is perfect for your afternoon snacks.

9. This Girl Walks Into a Bar

The Year in Food

It’s a guide blog that teaches you how to make delicious cocktails and drinks.

This blog also features video tutorials to further help you with the mixing so you can come up with the best drinks for your buddies.

Latest recipe: How about a Partridge Pear Tree Cocktail to quench your thirst?

10. Honest Cooking

Honest Cooking

This is a culinary magazine that features different recipes and food-related articles written by food and beverage writers from all around the world.

Be ready to be stunned by the blog’s uniqueness and colorful/tasty creations.

Latest recipe: Get this hot fudge sauce for your favorite ice cream or dessert.

11. Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

It’s a food blog that offers comfort foods, which are all made from scratch.

You’ll also find here tutorials on how to bake anything.

The owner clearly has a natural talent for cooking. Latest recipe: Learn how to make Linzer tortes with a very buttery taste.

12. The Kitchen Magpie

The Kitchen Magpie

It’s a food website of Karlyn about her culinary adventures. Each food presented is approachable and impressive. The recipes featured are all reliable and delicious.

Latest recipe: It’s the super amazing Triple Chocolate Pumpkin pie.

13. Recipe girl

The Recipe girl

It’s all about the favorite recipes of Lori Lange, who happens to be a food writer. She also develops different recipes for her clients.

Latest recipe: This recipe teaches you how to combine Irish coffee and Eggnog to make a tasty beverage.

14. The Amateur Gourmet

The Amateur Gourmet

It features a lot of food-heaven recipes. They’re all mouthwatering, from burgers to cookies. The recipes will satisfy the foodies in you.

Latest recipe: Try this sweet potato with Brussels sprout.

15. Iowa Girl Eats

Lowa Girl

Bookmark this beautiful blog that’s filled with desserts and everything about baking and cooking. It features great food from Iowa.

What about you? Do you have a favorite food blog?

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