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7 Quick Tips On How To Write Articles Fast

If you write for a living, or are required to submit several write-ups at school, then you’re possibly faced with the daunting task of producing articles in limited amount of time. Deadlines, plus other equally important stuff to do, don’t really make the job much easier. The only thing you can do is to write fast, but how do you do it? Here’s how:

1. Collect ideas

If you usually work on any specific niche or topic, you might as well collate ideas while you can. Make an ideas list. You’re not required to come up with a list in a day. Just let the ideas naturally come to you. Once an inspiration dawns, jot it down right away then add it onto your ideas list. If the time to write comes, you already have a list of topics you can work on.

2. Don’t force it

If you’re having those “writer’s block” moments, don’t rush things. Never force yourself to come up with something fast. Your article’s going to sound half-baked if you hurry. What’s worse is that you might end up veering away from the original topic. It’s going to look like you’re just babbling away. Just let the whole thing flow naturally.

3. Edit as you go

Once you start writing and you feel like you got all these things you want to say or include, be conscious about them. Before you even write the first sentence about it, decide whether or not it goes along with your main topic. If it seems like you’re just trying to add more words to make the whole thing longer, then cut it out right then and there. Move on to the next supporting point.

4. Bullet or number the supporting information

Readers love it when an article is an easy read for them. If its supporting information is either bulleted or numbered, it makes reading easy. It also makes writing easier and faster since you don’t have to think of any transitional words or phrases. Bullets and numberings also make the article less intimidating because the article doesn’t look like one giant block of words. Details are also given straight away.

5. Make it short

This is very self-explanatory. If you want to write fast, then keep it short and simple. If you can sum up in under 500 words, then do it. You’re not being asked to write a novel. Just keep things concise. As said, “An article should be long enough to cover everything, and short enough to keep it interesting”.

6. Work on what interests you the most

If you have lots of things to write about, don’t start from the top, down. You don’t have to do them in chronological order. Just check the ideas list you have and work on what you feel like doing first. That way, you’ll enjoy writing instead of spending too much time on a topic that you find boring.

7. Manage your time well

If you finish writing about a topic right away, then take advantage of it. If you feel like you’re on a roll, then finish as many articles as you can. It’s not every day that you’re in the best mood to write, so if inspiration dawns on you, make use of it really well.

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By Pauline Cabrera

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