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Quick Summary: How Bloggers Can Actually Earn Big

Blogs are easy means to get online presence. Not everyone who wants to have an online page knows how to create a website. So blog creation is the user-friendly recourse. Most people who start blogs are not tech-buffs. With their little skill in working on the internet, they can furnish content and start a decent online page. However, you may come to a point when you need to get more from your blog than simple views. Did you know you can actually earn while blogging? The question is how.

Stop the Self-Absorption

Many blogs in the cyberspace are nothing more than online diaries or literary portfolios. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself for artistic or fictional purposes, but don’t expect to earn much money from such activities. Readers don’t like reading someone’s experiences or thoughts expressed in ostentatious grandiosity. Most readers like to read something they can apply to their own lives. So your egotism may not earn you good traffic. Exclude the lucky few, of course.

Write Good Posts

It’s vital that your posts are relevant, up-to-date, and informative. Consider your blog as a sort of a magazine filled with interesting articles. The most reader-friendly articles are those that offer tips, how-to guides, and news updates. Updating your blog every week is important. Write new blog post every week to keep your old readers, who are waiting for your new posts each time. Search engines will see your new posts and will include them in search results. Your blog will gain better reputation the more high-quality content you produce. It will attract attention of other people in the blogosphere.

As an advice to beginners, never quit posting. Meager traffic in the beginning can discourage most bloggers from updating their blogs. Do you think all the high-earning bloggers started with a bang? They didn’t!

Get Readers

Before you can hope to monetize your blog, your first concern should be how to gain views. To get good views, you must write about relevant topics, those which that people would like to know about. Implementing SEO can greatly boost traffic, but it is probably too overwhelming a process, hence an unlikely option for starters. But you can exploit other ways of getting clicks. One is through blog commenting and forum commenting, strategies that allow people from other blogs or sites to know you. You can share links to your blog posts to other social platforms (Facebook and Twitter). Another way to gain traffic to your blog is to allow guest posting, wherein bloggers from related niches can post on your blog.

Start Advertising

If you are blogging on your Blogger account, then you are likely to get ads on your pages. You can start affiliate marketing and Google AdSense to monetize your blogs, but these can only yield significant earnings if there is enough traffic. Learn where you can sign up for advertising programs (other than Adsense) that will enable you to earn money online.

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