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Using The Blogger Platform: The Advantages And Disadvantages


Blogger enjoys the fame of being one of the most popular blogging platforms especially for the newbie in the blogging industry.

Google has made the site popular because it is free and offers anyone the ability to manage their own blog site without the burden of technicalities in hosting the same.

While WordPress and Blogger enjoy the sort of popularity for being an accessible blogging platform for many, here are some good insights regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using Blogger in particular as your option for your blogs.

The advantages and benefits of Blogger

1. Blogger is free with better web exposure

One of the enticing features of Blogger is that it is free and popular. You will always get good exposure in the internet because Google supports Blogger sites.

2. Easy interface for the newbie

Blogger comes with an easy but intuitive interface to use. It takes a few simple steps to create a blog account and one need not go through the tedious process of installing software to start blogging. If you are new in blogging, it is best to start building your experience in managing a blog site from this site because it is optimized to help non-technical savvy bloggers manage their own blog site without any special technical skills required.

3. Monetize your blog site with Google Ads

One gains a good exposure of their blog content besides being able to enjoy a profit from monetizing the site with Google ads. Google ads are one of the most profitable website ads out there and you can maximize your profits by creating good contents on your blog site with better exposure and traffic for monetization.

4. Create your own Blogger sub-domain

There is no money involved whenever you use the platform such as paying for a domain name and a server to host your blog site. Users are given the opportunity to choose their own domain name as long as it does not have any duplicate domain name online. The system will check this for you and will require a different name to use in case of positive duplication exists.

5. Post content without the fuss

Another appealing feature is the simple process of posting content which is straightforward, simple and quick. The Blogger can platform can be highly customized in its themes without needing the technical experience and skills to design a blog site. A blogger can do a trial and error designs for their website, allowing them to finally find the best feel and the look that they want. Another appealing feature of Blogger is that you can manage multiple blogs in a single dashboard. This feature offers more convenience for a blogger to manage all their blog sites in one place.

The disadvantages of Blogger

1. Blogger owns your blog site

Google owns the site as it exercises control on what ads you are allowed to post on your blog site. With this ownership issue, a blogger should realize that whatever content that they post on Blogger could disappear if Google decides to close down the platform. Therefore, anyone who is using Blogger should backup their content because their blog site could be deleted by Google even without notice to the blog site user.

2. Blogger lacks plugins

Another disappointing feature from the Blogger template is that it lacks plugins that are so numerously available in its competitive blogging platform, WordPress. Although professional bloggers could tweak the template a bit, they are not at the full liberty to customize their blog sites.

3. Limited template for your blog site

It is because of these limited features and designs available in the Blogger templates that lead us to another downside of using blogger – duplicate or similar blog site design. Because there are only quite a few available template designs to choose from it is a challenge to create a professional-looking blog site. Most often than not, you will feel extremely disappointed to find another site using the same design as your blog site.

So you ask: "Is Blogger for me?".. If you just want a personal journal where you can share your interests without really monetizing, then Blogger platform is for you. However, if you plan on developing your own brand or if you're actually serious about building business, I highly suggest you to use Wordpress instead.

Questions & Feedback are welcome! If you're experienced with Blogger and have some tips to share, please comment below. Thanks! :-)

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