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14 Superb Places To Find Fresh Blog Topic Ideas


Running out of ideas for your blog? If you only stick to what’s inside your own head, you’re not going to find better topics worth discussing.

It’s can be frustrating to find yourself point-blank with no other ideas to write about in your blog post.

A writer’s block is very common to newbies.. but it does happen even to a pro blogger sometimes.

Fresh inspiration each day is what you need to come up with new topics. But where are you going to find those new topics to discuss on your blog?

In order to enjoy a continuous flow of ideas, you need resources to overcome such struggle especially when you’re meeting a tight deadline.

Try these several techniques and places where you can generate blog post ideas to keep your energy and drive to get back on track!

Where To Find New Topics To Discuss On Your Blog

Where To Find New Blogging Topic Ideas

1. Social Media

The social media can be a powerful medium to find rich information on the different topics. Following the latest social media news will give you newsworthy topics that are good leads on the trending topics related to your niche.

Here are some ways you can use social media to help you generate ideas:

  • Your Facebook Newsfeed: Observe what topics are the most popular and you can ride on its popularity by writing something related that will also spark the interests of your social media friends.
  • Facebook Pages You Like: Pay attention to what your "LIKED" pages are posting. You can create list to group pages within the same niche OR subscribe to get instant notifications directly every time they share a post, click "Liked" and select "get notifications". Here's an example screenshot, see how I subscribe to Kim Garst's Facebook page: Kim Garst - Boom Social!
  • Twitter: is also used by bloggers and marketers alike where you can pick up the hottest issues and topics that you can write about related to your niche. Look for people who share similar interests as you and follow them. You can find people by using Twitter's search tool or by using #hashtags. Just like Facebook, you can always use lists to organize users to easily view the tweets of the people added on the list.
  • Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious (and other social bookmarking sites): You got to visit these places to keep up with the latest viral stuff in the internet. They gather the most interesting stories on the web! You can also find popular videos or photos that you can talk about for your blog. Other popular bookmarking sites: Digg, Delicious, Slashdot & NewsTrust.
  • Facebook Groups / Google Plus Communities / LinkedIn Groups: Quickly gather new ideas by joining active groups or communities in the same industry where people share posts or ask questions related to your field.

2. Google Tools

Google provides a rich source of good leads that will help you find good topics to write about. Here are some of the Google Tools you can use:

  • Google Search: This is one of my favorites! You can use Google search itself to help you brainstorm new and radical ideas. Here's an example: Google Search To Gather New Ideas
  • Google Keyword Planner: This will help you find words and phrases that are commonly searched by web users. This tool will provide you an idea of the popularity of search on a particular topic as well as knowing the number of your competition. See how it generates related and 'more specific' terms when I search for the term "Iphone": google keyword tool
  • A Google Alert is also a great tool that will make brilliant ideas to write about coming to you. Simply subscribe to a particular topic that you want to receive an alert about through the use of a relevant keyword and the tool will constantly bring you new and fresh ideas every day about related topics to write for your niche.

3. Collaborating with other bloggers

collaborate with fellow bloggers

Collaborating with other bloggers will not only help you create relationships, it's also a great way to spark creativity and come up with fresh ideas.

Team up with others and expose yourself to various situations, it can help you break out of the old patterns and gain new perspectives and insights along the way, thus fuel your mind with unique ideas and solutions.

There are several ways you can collaborate: start projects together, write an ebook, attend or host an event together, guest post for each other, interview each other, engage in a chat activity or you can participate in forums to exchange ideas and learn some tips from your fellow bloggers.

4. Books & Magazines

Books and magazines always have something fresh and new topics to offer. You can derive your inspiration for a new topic to write from these sources. Constantly reading books and magazines related to your niche can give you new ideas to write about and at the same time provide you good sources of learning new things about your niche.

5. Awesome Mobile Apps

Here are some of the best handy apps to collect ideas and find inspirations:

  • Evernote: A fantastic tool to write down and manage your ideas wherever you are.
  • Scoop.it: This publishing platform can help you discover topics you love to read. Available in App Store and Google Play.
  • Feedly: What I love the most about this app is the ability to collect your favorite sites and thus keeping yourself up to date in the industry without the need to visit each site. You can even organize them using categories to make it easier to find particular topics. Available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Flipboard: Catch up on the news you care about with Flipboard. Available on App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, BlackBerry World.
  • LinkedIn Pulse: Need professional news? Check out "Pulse" to consume news through your mobile phone.
  • Need more? Click here!

6. Other blogs related to your niche

use social media to generate ideas

Visiting sites that offer content related to yours will help widen your ideas. Try to observe what’s lacking from these blog sites and strengthen them in your own. If some bloggers failed to explain a very important point on their site about a specific topic, you can concentrate on writing content about it. This will make your content more unique and readers will likely visit your site to get the answers they are looking for.

Ezine, Go Articles, Articles Base, Squidoo and eHow are just among the blog sites with high traffic that are worth visiting often with wide collection of content to check out.

Subscribing to their RSS feed will give you consistent updates on the latest about each site.

7. Yahoo Answers!

Use Yahoo Answers to create ideas!

Web users always post their questions on this site. You can get a good lead on what topics to write about that will answer their queries. Alternatively you can also post questions here and get answers that will help inspire you for new topics to write in your posts.

8. In your readers’ shoes

In order to deliver good topics to your readers, you should be able to think like them and put yourself in their shoes. Make a brainstorming session once in a while and ask yourself what are the common concerns that your reader likely to encounter. Understanding the needs of your readers and addressing them will give good content to write about. It’s easier to address these concerns when you’re passionate about the topic.

9. Your reader's feedback

The best way to get ideas on the relevant topics to write on your blog is to ask your readers. Take the time to provide a poll question on your blog site, offer your readers the chance to give feedback and comments to express their thoughts, ideas and concerns. This will make them feel that they’re a part of your blog community where the members’ ideas and concerns are important. If you’re able to write articles that will address their concerns you will likely build a strong group of followers.

10. Your Journal

keep journal

Whatever ideas that come to your mind make sure to jot them down. Keeping a journal to bank your ideas will come in handy each time you experience a writer’s block. You won’t struggle thinking of a topic anymore since the list of ideas are already ready as reference anytime you need them.

11. Your Previous Content

Go back and analyze the articles you previously wrote and check whether you missed something that you can further expand on the next topic that you can write about. Even your own content can give you a lead on what topics to write about. Curating your content and expanding them some more can also help overcome a writer’s block most of the time.

12. Quora

Quora Questions New Ideas

This is another great tool to look for new topic ideas. Quora is a Q&A site that encourages people to post their questions and/or give answers to other users’ questions. Use its search tool to find keywords related to your blog. If your site is about web designing, you can search website development to find out what questions people have in mind about those topics. Choose those topics that haven’t been answered yet.

13. RSS feeds of your competitors

Find bloggers that tackle topics related to your blog. Look at their new topics. Pretty sure, there’s one topic there that you can expand on or even add to help you get a new topic. You may inform the original author about it by linking to his/her article. That author may even retweet or share your article to his thousands of followers. Doing so will give you traffic that can go through the roof.

14. Interviews

Get in touch with one of the most influential people in your niche. Don’t be shy about asking them. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many authors and leaders who are willing to be interviewed and share their thoughts. There's no harm in trying.


15. News and current affairs

There are many topics that you can glean from news and current affairs. News items are always fresh and have the potential to be the trending topic as well. People are especially interested with news updates and the latest development in current affairs. As this might be the case, blogs about news events are not evergreen blogs. They tend to be popular within a week or two.

16. Frequently asked questions

FAQs, as its name implies, is frequently asked by Internet users. Find a question that you think needs more explanation. To find FAQ, visit Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and Ask.com.

17. Industry updates

Whatever industry you are interested in, there will always be something new to write about. Take technology niches for example. There are a lot of new technological advancements that are always out every week. It might be about the latest mobile gadget or new models of computer.

18. TV Programs

TV programs, ads, and shows will always inspire you to write about something. TV contents can be completely random and who knows when it will ring a bell in your head. Of course, you can choose the types of TV programs to narrow down your search.

19. Listen to radio programs

You might be surprised; radio programs are great way to be inspired. While it is undeniable that most people are now using the Internet or TV, radio is still one of the indispensable tools of communication today.

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How about you? Where do you find inspiration for new ideas?

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