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How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog


Whether you are an entrepreneur selling slimming pills, or you are an educator, or you are just a plain boy trying to hit the high marks at school, blogging has been a trending way for people not only to get an online presence and express themselves, but also to get money.

In fact, there’ve been a lot of people already who are earning six-digit income from blogging alone, and that does not include how they earn more when they start pulling out e-books or physical products related to their niche.

The point is that, they just got their rightful places on the web environment today.

No, contrary to the beliefs of the many, getting rich by blogging is not based and is not caused by a healthy page rank which is honestly a pretty big thing to earn; getting high ranking is just a result of something and is hence not to be sought for and by itself.

And if we are talking about the preliminary mistakes that beginner-bloggers oftentimes bite unto, a few are listed below:

  1. Trying to blend and get into the most popular topic or niche, like selling smartphones and talking about wireless carriers
  2. Selling materials or content that are really not that wholesome and awesome (like erotic stories… oh no, please don’t)
  3. Hitting the best domain name that will sell
  4. Ahead looking for affiliate links or marketing, pay-per-clicks (PPC), finding the right SEO guy, and any of the like that are to guarantee better income and reputation

The mistakes listed above are all traps since they appear to be rightful causes for why some bloggers get rich.

In some way, yes, some of those mentioned above do work, but again, they must not be the first things to come up when brainstorming.

Selecting The Right Niche For Your Blog

Probably, you might want to check out how you can get the best niche first.

Choosing the niche to blog about is not easy, frankly, and it would really take some time and a whole lot of things to consider.

Anyway, allow me to help you with the tips and guidelines listed below:

1. Your Passion. Your Interest. Your Hobby.

No, it’s not about what’s popular, not even about what can truly sell on the apparent surface, but it’s what you are willing to give or do no matter what.

What I mean here is that, are you still willing to do it even if you are not selling enough?

Most bloggers stop doing blogs because they thought they don’t do well especially with selling something they intend to sell.

But if you are working on your passion, or your interest or hobby, you will still find your way of blogging enjoyable and fulfilling in its own way..

You will enjoy writing about it, opining about anything that concerns to it, researching about it, talking about it, and even selling it to inspire others to do the same.

Better than all of these, sometimes you won’t even notice that you are doing them!

Your audience will sense that you are not really trying to sell but share the fun, more if your approach is friendly and engaging. Hey, don’t forget, a smile—from the heart—is contagious, and it works the same for blogs!

Blogging about something that truly interests you will also make you realize that you don’t really require the audience for you to express yourself; you just want to do it because it’s fun.

When people realize that you are truly sincere and passionate about what you are doing, they—especially those sharing the same interests with you—will just come to you and share good stuff.

With passion also, your blog will be rooted from a great personal substance. What I mean here is that, your content will be more than authentic for the readers to appreciate.

With all of these taking place, you will gain more traffic, and people who share your interests will love to see how and what you offer each and every day. You will also feel safe because you know you are not wasting your time and resource; you surely know what you are dealing with and hence, what you are talking about as well.

You are just doing it mainly because you love to, and if you get rich—which you will, it is because you followed your heart.

2. Relevant Knowledge

Most start-up bloggers fall also into the trap of conceiving to their mind that what they are about to blog, they must have a good amount of knowledge to sustain.

This might in a lot of sense be true and real, but it is not a preliminary requisite..

You may be passionate about dogs, but it does not require that you are also a canine psychologist. You don’t have to familiarize yourself at once about all kinds of dog foods and toys, and you don’t have to start immediately with some real materials like a kennel of your own or something else.

All these things will just come to you even the technical knowledge simply because your passion requires them to be available.

Besides, if you want knowledge, you don’t have to have everything already on your mind; in fact, a simple googling will help you get that information you need at once.

Try writing about a particular topic that you're familiar with for now, and when you're familiar and interested about another good topic relevant to your niche, then write again.

You will learn as time goes by. Don’t hurry, because it will affect how you do your content or products.

3. Prune Down Your Niche

Once you have checked what niche you are willing to give your time and energy on productively, you need to check out how it will blend to the market if income is your second goal.

Getting into a broad topic can be difficult for starters because it will make you almost fall on nowhere.

Start with a real specific topic and let it grow instead..

Let’s take the niche on technology, for example. You might argue that CNET does it right by covering nearly everything about technology at ibce, and they don’t lose it. Looking back through history, they actually started out as a TV and radio program, which literally means you’ve got to have some real good resource.

If you don’t think you’ve got the same resources, then you better think again.

If you want to deal with technology, how about starting with something out of specific keywords like ‘Android Smartphones,’ or ‘iPhone tutorials’

If these key topics work just well, the thought of expanding your business like offering more products or covering more gadgets or electronics can be safer to be entertained.

More with choosing the specific niche out of the passion you have, here are some things to consider:

  1. Popularity. If what you’re covering for a start is something popular already, you might be lost while in the crowd. How about thinking of something that is not that popular, or at least, already getting popular?
  2. Support. Your blog needs support or a network, and this is not only from your audience, but from relevant blogs or sites as well. If your topic is about making baby bottles out of wine bottles, where in the world would you find blogs to link up with you? Or so, do you think there are already products similar to yours that you can ask for support as well? Other forms of support are advertisements or affiliate links that can be pinned to your site.
  3. Competition and Perspective. You cannot just simply go for ‘online shopping for women’s and bags’ because eBay, for example, is bigger than you. Instead of doing so, you might want to take a different perspective on that topic, and end up being a supporting beacon for your competitor. In this case, instead of going that way, you may want to go for ‘repair and rehabilitation tips for women’s bags.’

I hope these key points will really make your blog fruitful and keep you moving forward with what you are really passionate about. Take time, take effort, and don’t surrender!

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By Pauline Cabrera

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