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7 Juicy Tools You Can Use To Sign A Pdf File Online

Do you have a PDF file that you need to sign? There’s an easier way to accomplish this. There are available tools on the web that will help you sign a PDF file electronically. So you can skip printing, signing, and scanning a document. This is truly a wonderful and convenient way to save time and even paper.

In this article, let me share with you the tools that you can use to sign a PDF file online. Check out our list now.

1. Wacom sign pro PDF

The Wacom sign pro PDF is an application that you can use to capture handwritten signature in a secure and convenient manner. This application can also be used to transfer signed documents from Desktop computers to mobile devices and vice versa. With this application, you’ll be able not just to sign a document but also add a handwritten annotation on PDF documents.

To use this application, you’ll need an active stylus and a mobile device that uses iOS and Android operating systems.

2. PDF Signer

The PDF Signer can be used to sign any PDF document with the use of x.509 digital certificates. The main advantage of PDF Signer is its ability to sign multiple PDF files at the same time. Thus, making PDF Signer as an ideal tool to do a bulk signing of a large number of corporate or individual documents.

There are other benefits that you can enjoy when using PDF Signer. With this tool, you’ll be able to configure the signature appearance, do timestamping, certify documents, and others.

3. PDF Buddy

The main strength of PDF Buddy is its user-friendliness. It’s very easy to use and it’ll definitely save you time and money in the process. Moreover, PDF Buddy can be used anywhere. It can be used through your PC, laptop, Mac or Chromebook. You don’t need to install anything. As long as you have a web browser, you’re already good to go.

PDF Buddy is safe and secure as well. This tool uses AES-256 bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). For this reason, you can sleep sound tonight knowing that your files are highly protected.

4. Acrobat Pro DC

Of course, this list won’t be complete with the big name in the PDF industry. Acrobat Pro DC is among the best tools in signing a PDF file. With the use of this tool, you don’t have to print your document. This tool will allow you to fill and sign documents from your desktop, internet browser, and mobile app.

When using a mobile device, you can download the Acrobat Pro DC from the Apple Store and Play Store. Furthermore, the Acrobat Pro DC features the built-in Fill & Sign tool that allow you to save frequently used name or information and conveniently copy that to any field. This is possible by securely saving data in your personal autofill collection. So the next time you’re working with a file, all you have to do is drag and drop to fill fields faster.

Signing a document with this tool can be done with the use of a touchscreen or keyboard. In just a few clicks, you can share your signed form to others. You can also take advantage of the Adobe Document Cloud so that your files are accessible through the Internet.

5. Hello Sign

Hello Sign is another convenient tool that you can use to sign a PDF file. There are different features that you will love about Hello Sign. Maybe, most businesses and corporations are the ones who will definitely gain more advantages from this tool.

For one, Hello Sign has team management tools. Admins will be able to view all documents and control the movement of documents across a team. There are also available templates for commonly used files. Finally, it’ll be very useful for branding purposes since you can add your business logo and name to any signed document. Your documents can also be stored in the cloud for easy access.

Hello Sign also put great importance on your files’ safety. Thus, they use SSL encryption and secure server infrastructure to protect your documents. They are also hosted by a Tier III, SSAE-16, and ISO 27001 certified data center.

To make things more convenient for you, Hello Sign can easily be integrated with Google Apps such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Moreover, it can also be integrated with Dropbox, Box, One Drive, and Evernote. You can also be notified whenever there are changes made on any document.

6. My Live Signature

This website will allow you to quickly create your signature. With the use of a computer mouse, your finger, or stylus, you can generate your own signature. Hit Start Over to erase your signature. Click Create Signature when you’re done and satisfied with your signature. The signature you just made will now be saved as an image, which you can use to sign PDF documents.

7. Right Signature

When you need to sign NDA’s, contracts, and PDF forms, Right Signature will surely be handy. There’s no need to download anything. It’s definitely easy to use and quick to set up. Thus, the whole process of signing a document will help you cut costs and even impress clients.

Right Signature also provides free iPhone and iPad e-signature apps. This will enable you to electronically sign documents while traveling or obtain electronic signatures in person.

Your documents can also be saved in a secure online archive. These documents will be systematically stored so that you can easily find your file according to the signer, file name, or date. The online archive also allows multiple users in one account, which makes this ideal for businesses.

You can ensure that your signed documents are legally binding. Your documents are also protected with a bank-level security system. Right Signature is trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses around the globe. So you’re definitely in a good company.

Final words

These are some of the best tools that you can use to sign PDF documents. I hope this list will help you in growing your business, saving time and resources, and meeting your needs.

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