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12 Must-have Qualities Of A Top-notch Team

Teams are a wonderful concept; we bring together brilliant minds and this instantly translates into something big, extraordinary and decisively efficient.

However, there’s more than a couple of brilliant minds that constitutes a truly effective team. Striving for these team qualities will almost ensure your team will be at the top of its game.

  1. Creativity and Imagination

    Individuals that stick to rules and are afraid of the new and unknown can’t possibly take a business anywhere. Creativity and imagination are what will fuel its ideas and bring them to life.

  2. Passion

    Passion for the company, passion for excellence are both necessary for an unrivaled team. Without passion, a team is almost doomed to mediocrity.

  3. Collaborative spirit

    An effective team cultivates a relaxed and collaborative climate. Without it conflict and disagreement will most likely impede any progress.

  4. Work Ethic and Integrity

    When a team comprises of people with integrity you just know that the company will move forward through fair and welcome means.

  5. Skills and Competency

    No matter how much passion, integrity and eagerness a team member has, unless they’re properly trained and knowledgeable they can’t really be of any help to your team, can they?

  6. Openness of communication and Equality among team members

    Of course there should be leaders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean treating team members badly. When all team members are treated fairly, they will be able to freely express their ideas and help the team progress. Inequality on the other hand, is most likely to cause conflict and retaliating actions.

  7. Risk and Experimenting

    A team intimidated by risk is doomed to always come second. A team willing to experiment and try ground-breaking ideas has greater chances of succeeding.

  8. Ahead-of-their-time vision

    Vision is what will distinguish your team from everyone else’s. Vision is incentive, is passion, is purpose. And these three are key for an effective team.

  9. Self-evaluation and constructive conflict is welcome

    Team members need to be able to self-assess their performance and contribution, as well as and be willing to change or improve on their mistakes. Otherwise, the team will never be able to achieve its full potential.

  10. Communication is promoted and uncensored

    Imagine having team members with wonderful ideas who are never heard during meetings and brainstorming. What a waste is that? Communication should be thoroughly promoted so that everyone gets to speak their minds. It’s really the only way forward!

  11. Loyalty and going the extra mile

    Truly caring for a business’ future is crucial for any company. Indifferent team members will offer nothing but the bare essentials, someone passionate and loyal to it will most certainly go the extra mile.

  12. Roles are clear, fair and understood

    Conflict is inevitable when more than one person is involved. Minimizing this conflict and keeping it constructive is necessary. To this will contribute a clear and fair role assignment.

    Does your team have any of these qualities?

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By Pauline Cabrera

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