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How-to: Rise Above And Conquering Challenges In Business

How-to: Rise Above And Conquering Challenges In Business

Many of us fail to realize the power in seeing things another way. It seems basic enough, and a lot of individuals fail to believe that this perspective switch can really help them greatly – this, or they do not wish to change their perspective, or do not know how. The theory basically is that if we use a different ‘filter’ for looking at things, whatever we are looking at begins to look like something else. Read on for some points to consider.

  1. Altering the way you see things not only means altering your attitude, but your drive as well. There are times when certain “negative” circumstances can lead to this change in perspective (such as an eviction notice), but given that you are open to learning from the experience emotionally and mentally, you will learn.
  2. Keep your motivations in check. If your intentions are not right (such as proving your worth, generating tons of cash), it is likely that you yourself, others and the universe will all work together to act against your goal. And sometimes, the harder you try, the more things will work against you, especially if you begin to get greedy, or seek much more than what you have or are getting.
  3. Consider an example wherein two superheroes are about to go into battle. Many are under the assumption that Superhero A is likely to win, because he is simply epic. However, Superhero B, who is familiar with Superhero A’s moves and strategies, actually ends up defeating him – without much effort, clearly because of his knowledge. It is only then when Superhero A uses another set of strategies that he is able to defeat Superhero B.
  4. Take the road less traveled, when it comes to your business or venture’s gain, accept things as they are and work from this. There will always be forces going against your will, but you will need to work with these. Consider breaking even instead of really trying to win the game, and work your way from there, especially as opposing factors are already aware of your strategies.
  5. Attempting to get as much revenue as possible could backfire, and doing this will mean compromising many things, including your time for yourself, with your family, as well as friends – it’s just not worth it. If you have been trying to win for a long time, but this has not worked out for you, try a different approach. Go a little crazy. Do not be afraid to try not competing, and make it easy for opposing forces to counter your moves – intentionally.
  6. Sometimes, competing means trying to win versus another individual, or other individuals. It also means getting the biggest possible amount from your clients or customers. This relationship is clearly purely a “business” relationship, and taking as much money possible from these clients will eventually backfire, especially once they are on to you or realize your business tactics.

No businesses are 100% safe from going bankrupt, especially in times such as recessions. There are plenty of times when the harder we fight, the more forces seem to oppose our resolve to triumph in business or trump our toughest competitors. When this happens, it is always a good idea to try an array or strategies that we have not used before, so the forces are not able to predict what we are up to, or do not realize exactly what we are doing – something that can be very advantageous in business. Not all the effort will be sure to result in some good.

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By Pauline Cabrera

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