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Advice In Finding Career Field You're Truly Passionate About

You are probably working now and earning good, but sometimes you feel as though something is missing. When you are unhappy with your work and you feel unfulfilled, you begin to wonder whether you are on the right track. At some point, many of us are faced with a dilemma—to stay on the job and be in the comfort zone or take risks and explore other options. But how do you know what you want to do?

Think about you want to be as a child

We all have childhood dreams. You probably wanted to become a teacher or a cook, but for economic reasons you ended up becoming an office secretary or sales clerk. It’s good to be earning money now, but at some point in the future you will be asking yourself why you didn’t pursue your dreams. Regrets can leave you asking the same question over and over, and there is only way to break free from this kind of living.

What are your hobbies?

When you don’t know what your dream career should be, think about what you do during your free time. Your hobbies reflect much about your passion. These things are what you willingly do even without getting paid for. Now what if you actually did the same things and actually earned from them? If you like cooking, then perhaps you can start a small restaurant business. If you like teaching children, consider getting a teaching degree.

Keep in mind that pursuing your dream entails huge risk

Yes, leaving your 9-5 job and pursuing a career you think will make you happy isn’t a joke. Many people who walked this path encountered pitfalls along the way, but the downsides are part of any undertaking. In many cases, the rewards outweigh all the risks. If you are afraid to take risks, you will always be at the same spot you are in now and wondering what would have happened if you were courageous enough to take the risk.

Stop looking at available jobs

The misconception of many is that they need to apply to a job to survive. These people rummage through job listings online to find a good paying job. They can find a number of jobs that fit their qualifications and pay good, but the jobs they find will never fulfill their desires in the long run, and then the cycle of leaving the job and hunting for another repeats. Eventually you will find yourself yearning for what you are passionate about, and it’s a matter of choice whether you give in to that yearning or choose to stay where you are today.

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