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5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Employment

5 Ways To Boost Your Chances Of Employment

As many of us know, our cover letter can make or break our chances of employment. It really boils down to a variety of factors. These factors involve knowing what to put in a cover letter, how to handle your job interview, etc. For specific tips, read on.

  1. See things from the eyes of the employer. If you were the one doing the hiring and you were to read the cover letter that you wrote, would you hire this person? Much of the ‘errors’ in a cover letter can be visible to anyone paying attention, or trying to see things from the eyes of an employer. Go over the details of your cover letter and try to see what an employer might deduce based on what you have written.
  2. A few grammatical and spelling errors speak volumes. Some employers simply dismiss individuals with spelling and grammatical errors in their cover letter to be unmindful or careless, while some would even go so far as to assume that the individual is illiterate! It is easy enough to spot grammatical/spelling errors using common software such as Microsoft Word. Also avoid lies or inaccurate info in your resume. This is common sense, but a lot of individuals still make this mistake.
  3. Let employers know that they will not regret employing you, by letting them know that you intend to work for their company for as long as needed. Employers are not too keen on employing individuals that have no loyalty to a company, or will only stay for several weeks, and then leave. A company usually experiences setbacks if they need to hire a new individual, in terms of their budget and time, and so as much as possible, they try to steer clear of employees that are unreliable. By default, any company is looking for stability, and will only hire individuals that want a career, and can help with this by promising to work for the company long-term.
  4. Let the employer know exactly how you intend to help the company, what you can do for the company. This said, being an energetic or hardworking individual (or even a team player) is simply not enough. Let the employer know that you are familiar with the job requirements and the company. This helps employers visualize you working for the company. Do not be afraid to specify how you intend to do your job for the company. This is a great way of making yourself memorable to the employer, too.
  5. Make sure you get the job, and do everything to make that happen. Convince the employer that you are the perfect man or woman for the position. Write a grammatically correct, concise and informative cover letter, groom yourself and wear the correct attire, show up early for your job interview, be knowledgeable about the requirements of the job, and present a well-written resume. Imagine how your competition might present their case, and do them one better. If there are a lot of applicants, you will need to try extra hard to prove that you deserve the job.

Getting employment is about avoiding the mistakes that applicants make when finding a job, knowing the specific requirements of the job, having the skills or knowledge that are required for the job, as well as building and presenting your case well. If many others are vying for the same position, see to it that you convince your employer, in a professional manner, that this job belongs to no one else but you. If you do everything as you should, you will be more likely to get the gold.

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By Pauline Cabrera

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