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4 Bad Habits That You Should Avoid As A Freelancer

Being a freelance is the best that can happen to any professional. You do not have to worry about condescending bosses or tiresome boardroom meetings or having somebody watching your back every time you take a breather. It is indeed a wonderful feeling. However, it is not always rock and roll. It is riddled with problems and challenges that if not handled well can break the back of any hardworking freelance. There are a number of gross mistakes in the sector of freelancing that just linger on mostly especially amongst novices.

Unreasonable remuneration

The term unbalanced here is used to denote that lopsided fee that is always to the detriment of the freelancer. To make a break in every business, experts say, you must begin from scratch and charge an attractive fee before you build a profile. While this is agreeable, sometimes it is overstretched. As a beginner, it is not that you are not competent; it is only that you do not have freelancing experience mainly because you have all along been sitting in a rusty desk sweating for your employer and you are unfortunate because he cannot be your referee. Sometimes in freelancing, your first customer might stick with you for a long time. Would you end up offering high quality services at the same starter fee? This is one of the mistakes that can spell doom to your progress prospects.


A freelance is supposed to be a master of his own destiny and indeed he is. However this can have adverse effects. Sometimes the urge to keep pushing on and watch the endless flow of dollars trickling is unstoppable. As a freelancer, you do not want to disappoint your clients and sometimes bite more than you can chew forgetting that breaks are essential for creativity. There is no specified time within which you should take a break but when you feel like your mind is wandering and your focus is in disarray, it is time to take that deserved break.


Ignoring due diligence

Once in a while you will hear about a freelancer talking of how he was swindled by a client. This is a common occurrence where conning clients walk away with a top rated job without even sweating a coin for it. It is one of the common mistakes and can happen to anyone even to the veterans. It is important to conduct due diligence to ensure to a reasonable degree the client is believable and will deliver his end of the bargain.

Too much self confidence

Self confidence here is used to denote believing too much in your abilities. It is another of the most common mistakes especially to the novices. This is where a freelancer believes he can handle all the aspect of a project without any delegation or outside help. By this you run the risk of devoting too much time trying to grasp issues that are beyond you and yet you could get assistance at only a small fee. You should learn to engage other professional for some of your tasks to ease your burden and you never know they might also return a favor sometime.

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