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10 Creative Invoice Template Designs


After a month’s work, it’s time for you send your client an invoice for the project. While most people might spend countless hours in making sure that they have the best website, calling card, business documents, and other marketing strategies, the beauty and impressiveness of your invoice is equally important.

So what’s the big deal with invoice? Simply, it can be part of your marketing strategy. First, a properly designed invoice can increase your level of professionalism. An invoice is a document that will let your clients know about your expectation and a means to make sure that you will be paid on time.

With this in mind, it’s very clear that having a good invoice template will surely send the signal that you really mean business and you put great importance on even the smallest details of your business.

Of course, creating your own invoice template can be time consuming and even a daunting task. Thankfully, you can use online invoicing tools. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that you still need inspiration so that you can come up with the best template design.

Here are the creative template designs that will surely spark an insight and inspiration in your bright mind. Here is quick list. Check them out.

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1. Modern Navy Blue Accent Invoice

1. Green + Modern Invoice

Green + Modern Invoice

Simple and yet, professional; this is how Zoho invoice template design should be described. The template contains important information along with the billing aspects of an invoice.

2. Cute Invoice Design

Sugar Rush Invoice Design

3. Air Mail Invoice By Cute Little Factory (w/ Tutorial)

Air Mail Invoice

In this invoice, the familiar air mail colors white, blue, and red.

4. Another Coder

Another Coder

This invoice is sleek and elegant with simplicity in mind.

5. Invoice and Quote Design

Invoice and Quote Design

6. Vintage Invoice

Vintage Invoice

Definitely for vintage lovers like me! The classy and elegant look of this color combination never go out of style.

7. OriantArt

Orange Invoice

I'm loving the color scheme in this invoice design!

8. Made in England

Vintage Scheme Invoice

You will not be limited with the use of spreadsheet software as this invoice template is very easy to use.

9. Metro Minimal Business Invoice

Vintage Scheme Invoice

You can download this template on Graphic River for $6.

10. Paperblog

Paperblog Invoice

This is a great invoice with a simple message of thank you at the bottom of the page; another courteous gesture for professional workers like you.

There you have it. If you think that it’s okay to settle with a mediocre invoice template, then you are mistaken. Remember that the growth and development of your business greatly depends upon your customers or clients. Therefore, you need to try your best in pleasing them. Invoice can be a very sensitive and delicate part of your business. This is one of the ways that you reach to your customers and consequently, needs to be taken seriously.

Your invoice should be comprehensive, concise, and appealing at the same time. A beautiful invoice helps you to improve you image and better your brand.

So the next time you create your invoice template, remember that even the smallest detail of your business transactions may mean a lot of things to your clients. Create an invoice template with impressing your clients in mind!

If you have more suggestions, comments, and opinions, please feel free to leave a message below.

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