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Where To Look For Top Outsourcing Sites For Freelancers

Getting the services of a freelance is a cost effective strategy to help you achieve your business goals. There are many online sites where you could find freelancers however you only need those that are reliable and could offer you security when hiring for a freelance service. We will help you find the top outsourcing sites for freelancers as listed below.

  1. Guru.com

    The site offers outsourcing services where different freelancers can bid for your project. The site handles your 1099 tax report thereby making it more convenient on your end to save precious time from doing this yourself. The site provides guaranteed payment protection and a feedback system that allow both the employer and employee reflect their performances and payment transactions. Moreover, employers have the power to select only the best talents at the lowest bidding price.

  2. Odesk.com

    Odesk is an online outsourcing site for freelancers where you can hire and manage tasks concerning your project. It enables the employers to keep tab of the number of hours worked by the freelancer they hire and the system automatically generates a report on the number of hours worked and the corresponding payment due to freelancers.

    Its system is organized and allows both the employer and freelancer to communicate through their system. The site may require certain percentage for upfront payment that offers protection to freelancers as well. With the site’s navigable robust contractor management tool it easier to keep track of the freelancer’s work progress and you can even post private by invitation to bid only.

  3. Rent-aCoder.com

    If you are looking for technically skilled freelancers, then you are definitely going to find one from Rent a Coder. The site offers programming and design services. Not all outsourcing sites for freelancers have more technically skilled freelancers than Rent a Coder. If you are looking for freelancers specializing in technical matters, then this site is where you should start scouting for talents.

  4. Taskrabbit.com

    This site specializes in finding the most suitable freelancers for your project who are within your location or place of business. You just need to post your ads describing the specific skills or freelance service you want to hire and the one who places the lowest bid will automatically be assigned to do the task you want done. The site already made a background check on their freelancers so you can be assured that they will provide reliable freelance services.

  5. Freelancer.com

    This site has more than 400 job categories available and more than 2.7 million freelancers who are willing to bid on projects and unlimited employers in search for freelance services. Freelancer.com has one of the largest platforms for freelancers and employers in search for freelance services.

  6. Craigslist.org

    The site is one of the top classified ads sites. Posting for your projects is easy and free. You can also search for freelancers within a specific local community or search for freelancers across the globe. The site is very straightforward to use and it is free.

  7. Elance.com

    The site provides an easy business solution package for employers who can hire freelancers of various skills and talents. Through their professional services, employers will find the ease of using their automated invoicing and payment tools. You can monitor the progress of the freelancer working on our project and simply pay for the result.

These are the top outsourcing sites for freelancers where you can find numerous professionals with special talents and skills on particular areas. You can be assured that you can find only the best freelance services from these sites.

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