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10 Different Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

There are several different ways by which we can make money online, and among the many methods we hear about involve taking surveys, surfing, or first making a purchase of a product or availing of a service, prior to profiting. These are not among the methods featured below. The list below features different ways of earning cash online, which are not “gimmicky”.

1. Display Advertisements on your site

From banner ads to text (such as Google Adsense, Matomy media), many webmasters have profited from serving sponsored advertisements of products and services in their websites.This is the method I've been using since I started my online business and it's actually very effective for websites and blogs that receive a good amount of traffic.

The ads usually feature relevant and concise information, and link to the official website of the product or service advertised. To get your website approved, you will need to have a quality blog or website with a decent content ready. Here are some of the most trusted advertising programs: Google Adsense, Clicksor.com, Matomy Media, Chitika.

Please note that some advertising programs are quite picky, they prefer sites with some traffic and a site with quality content but I recommend you start off with Google Adsense. Just make sure you have a decent domain with quality content!

2. Sell to a specific target audience

This can be done by endorsing products that are for a specific market. For example, a website for men might feature products such as power tools and equipment, while one for babies might feature some cloth diapers, disposable diapers, quality feeding bottles, etc. The website’s features are based on the what appeals or might appeal to the target market.

3. Affiliate programs

In adding this feature to your website, your site will be getting some hits and business will be coming to you. Checkouts can be done via Google or Amazon. Making Money Online

4. Sell on Amazon, eBay or using Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

These websites are an easy way of reaching buyers. You can build your own store, and it will be easy for potential buyers to find the products that you are selling, using the search bar in these popular websites for buyers and sellers.

5. Write articles

writing articles

Websites like AssociatedContent.com offer anywhere from 3 to 20 dollars per article. The most in demand ones are How-To’s, since a lot of people go online to find out how to do things such as get rid of stains on clothes, brew the perfect cup of coffee, roll sushi, etc. There are also plenty of employers in job websites that hire others to write articles, on a contractual basis, or otherwise.

6. Start a blog


If you have the knack for getting others to view the things that you write or post, you might be interested in starting a blog to generate some revenue. If you keep adding content to your blog and use banner ads, chances are that you will be likely to get a lot of individuals to visit your site, some of which will be sure to click an ad or two.

7. Design

If you are a graphic designer or simply have good design skills, consider designing mugs and shirts for Cafepress, wallpapers for computers and laptops, templates for Wordpress, etc. With Cafepress, you basically just come up with the designs, choose the tags, and the products will be sitting in your store. Every time someone searches for one of the tags you’ve chosen for your products, your products will be shown to this potential buyer.

8. Make a (potentially) viral video.

viral youtube video

A lot of videos have gone viral online. Most of these videos are short but very entertaining. Some are shocking, while others are touching, and some others are just plain hilarious.

9. Advertise your product/service through Groupon and similar services.

Advertising through these services is an easy way of reaching the subscribers and promoting your business.

Clearly, is there are so many ways of using the internet to earn money. The good news is that as the internet continues to evolve, there will be even more ways to earn money online. You could continue to find these different means by keeping an eye out for them.

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