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18 Most Useful Websites Offering Photography Tutorials


With digital cameras getting more affordable, people are now taking more photos. If your images aren’t as nice as you want them to be, there are thing that can help you improve the quality of your photos. Nope. You don’t need a new camera. You just have to learn the basics of photography to assist you in honing your skills.

Photography tutorials can be found anywhere online. You can subscribe to a newsletter or just go to a website that offers various tips without signing up to anything. These tutorials can be everything about photography. For instance, one expert will focus on helping you how exposure works, thereby, assisting you in taking control of your camera. From there, you’ll know how to take better images/photos.

Furthermore, these tutorials offer tips on how to apply effects without the use of an image editing software. As long as you have the time to learn the aspects of photography, you’ll be able to capture images the way you want them to.

If you’re a beginner and want to hone your photography skills without enrolling for an expensive class, then the photography learning websites listed here will help you get started.

1. Digital Photography School

DigPhotoSchool It’s loaded with various photography courses that has useful illustrations to help you better understand the topics being discussed. The guys behind this site have in-depth knowledge about cameras, accessories and software.

2. Current Photographer

CurrentPhoto In here, you’ll find various tutorials and tricks in improving how to take or capture images. It’s packed with high quality content that’ll help improve your photography skills. Head over there and go to its Tips and Techniques page to find different techniques on several areas of photography, like grunge photography, HDR photography, food photography, etc.

3. DIY Photography

DrivenCreate This is the place to go if you want to learn more about lighting. It’ll also teach you what type of camera you should use on certain occasions.

4. Alexandre Buisse Photography

ABPhotoGraphy The tutorials presented here are made by a professional photographer named Alexandre Buisse. It has online class that covers different parts of photography, like gear, exposure, post-processing, etc.

5. Photonaturalist

PhotoNaturalist As the term suggests, it’s a site about outdoor photography. It offers useful tutorials and guides on how to capture images outdoor.

6. Photographycourse

PhotographyCnet It has courses available for beginners, intermediate and advanced. This site also provides tutorials about photo editing.

7. Back to Basics

BacktoBasic This is actually a YouTube channel of Philippe Dame, a professional photographer. It presents different DSLR photography courses through video presentations.

8. Pop Photo

PopPhoto It has How-To page that’ll teach how to shoot, process and use lights when you capture certain images. The site also includes some workshops that you can join to further hone your photography skills.

9. MorgueFile

MorgueFile In here, you’ll find tutorials about the basics of photography. It also has tutorials on certain camera skills that will help you enjoy more about this field. Currently, it offers 10 lessons that starts with composition and impact and ends with learning how exposure metering systems work.

10. Bernie Sumption

BernieSumption The extensive guide provided here is made from a beginner’s standpoint. The information regarding digital photography is based on the lessons learned by the author when he was just starting out. The tutorials cover a wide array of topics, like metering, focal length, etc.

11. PhotographyTalk

PhotoTalk It doesn’t just provide tutorials but it also includes tips on how to purchase a DSLR camera. It has an active community that you can ask questions regarding a certain photography topic.

12. Cambridge in Colour

CambridgeColour Its tutorials will include editing and post-processing, color management, photo techniques and styles. Most of its tutorials tackle on how to capture photos outdoor.

13. Photography Basics

Titorial09 It doesn’t only include photography tutorials but also Illustrator, Photoshop, fireworks and web development. Its Downloads section has a collection of free fonts, texture packs, vector packs, etc.

14. Curtin’s Guide to Digital Cameras

CutinsGuide This guide is intended for beginners who are just learning how digital cameras work. It offers several pieces of information about inner workings and various features of digital cameras that you can use to enhance your shots.

15. PhotoTuts

PhotoTuts Its thousands of followers know that Photo Tuts is a must-visit place that a person must go to if he/she wants to learn anything about photography. Its tutorials will include composition, HDR, post-processing and photography fundamentals.

16. The Luminous Landscape

LuminousLandscape Michael Reichmann, the owner of this site, will teach you about photography fundamentals. In here, you can learn specific aspects of photography, like image sharpness and exposure.

17. Adorama

Adorama It’s a YouTube channel that offers photography tutorials from various authors. You’ll also get tips from well-known photography professionals such as Gavin Hoey, Bryan Peterson, and Mark Wallace.

18. Improve Photography

ImprovePhoto To access its photography tutorials, you’ll have to register and create an account. It has online courses for beginners and intermediate. It also tackles tutorials on how to take great portraits and edit your photos using Photoshop.

Each of these sites deserves to be on your list of the best photography websites where you can learn more about how to take great photos.

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