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31 Top Beauty Gurus On Youtube That Will Inspire You

As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”, this is why many beauty pros are getting into recording videos for their fans and supporters to better understand the fashion and beauty tips they want to share, especially with hair and make-up tutorials.

With that being said, here is a list of some of the best creative beauty vloggers on YouTube in no particular order. You can use them to inspire you to make more creative videos.

31 Most Popular & Creative Beauty Vloggers on Youtube @ twelveskip.com

Quick tips on how to be a successful beauty vlogger (or just a vlogger):

  • Be passionate.
  • Be informative! Be very detailed.
  • Be unique. Create your own signature.
  • Be very creative.
  • Create videos related to current trends or events.
  • Listen to your fans. Determine your most requested topics.
  • Be yourself and have fun!

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31 Most Popular Beauty Vloggers on Youtube

1. Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07)

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota’s channel gives you a mix of fashion tips and DIY tutorials. It also offers some lifestyle tips and cool giveaways whenever she feels like it.

2. Michelle Phan (MichellePhan)

Michelle Phan

If you’re interested in great make-up tutorials then Michelle Phan’s got excellent ones, as she uploads a new video every Friday. She does make-up tutorials for Disney princesses, anime characters and other fictional characters.

3. Zoella (zoella280390)


Zoella has varied fashion activities and tutorials to search from, most of which include make-up challenges, personality development, DIYs, outfit and hair tips, and others. Sometimes, she also invites guests to her videos.

4. Andreas Choice (AndreasChoice)

Andreas Choice (AndreasChoice)

DIYs and hair styling are her forte, as well as a couple of nail art. She also gives you great hair care tips, but most of her tutorials focus on DIY of various subjects such as home décor, set looks and more.

5. Sammi (beautycrush)

Sammi (beautycrush)

Get ready for some great hair and make-up tutorials, tips and more with beautycrush’s channel. She offers a wide range of set looks and unique or inspired styles to choose from, various hauls and make-up challenges.

6. Chriselle Lim (chrisellelim)

Chriselle Lim

Giving you elegant fashion tips and other DIY tutorials, Chriselle Lim focuses mostly on what dresses you should wear and healthy beauty expertise. She also offers a couple of giveaways.

7. Bubz (Bubzbeauty)


With hair and make-up tutorial videos hitting up to 3-6 million hits each, you can guarantee that bubzbeauty gives you awesome beauty expertise focusing on quick on-the-go hairstyles.

8. Sophia Chang (fashionista804)

Sophia Chang

If you got an eye (pun intended) for eyeshadow tutorials then fashionista804’s styles will leave your breathless. She also uploads miscellaneous beauty and fashion tips, but she mostly focuses on make-up.

9. Tiffany (MakeupByTifannyD)

Tiffany (MakeupByTifannyD)

She offers, as her tagline says, “makeup, fashion, décor and more”, focusing more on professional eyeliner and eyeshadow tutorials. She also does a couple of hauls and gives you advice on the things she uses.

10. Marzia (CutiePieMarzia)

Marzia (CutiePieMarzia)

If you’re familiar with YouTube gamer PewDiePie, then you’ll pretty much be well-acquainted with CutiePieMarzia, his cute Italian girlfriend who runs her own fashion vlog. She does a couple of hauls, social interaction and fashion (especially make-up) challenges with her boyfriend.

11. Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl)

Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl)

Aside from make-up, fashion tutorials and hauls, she also does a series of silly videos, most of which involve unboxing random items and some fashion-related ones like make-up kits and accessories.

12. Raye (ItsMyRayeRaye)

Raye (ItsMyRayeRaye)

One would easily mistake her for Nicki Minaj, as she does a lot of make-up tutorials and a couple of DIY fashion tutorials that can save you money. A couple of hair tips are also there.

13. Alba (SunKissAlba)

Alba (SunKissAlba)

She mostly does hair tips and tutorials specifically for curly hair and has a focus on natural beauty. If you’re looking for healthy beauty tips then this is the channel to check out.

14. Promise Tamang (Dope2111)

Promise Tamang (Dope2111)

Her make-up tutorials are inspiring and creative, as she transforms into various characters such as Disney princesses and other famous celebrities.

15. Kandee Johnson (kandeejohnson)

Kandee Johnson (kandeejohnson)

Creative lipstick tutorials and miscellaneous make-up tips are what you’ll find in Kandee Johnson’s channel. If you think you’ve seen nail art, wait ‘till you check out her lipstick ones.

16. Camila Coelho (MakeUpByCamila2)

Camila Coelho (MakeUpByCamila2)

If you are looking for some Latina beauty expertise, then Camila Coelho’s got just the things. This Brazilian beauty gives you great makeup, hair and miscellaneous beauty tutorials.

17. Jenn Im (Clothesencounters)

Jenn Im (Clothesencounters)

Offering a wide variety of beauty and fashion tips, clothesencounters’s videos give you a rundown of her favorite looks and some recommendations.

18. Shannon (Shaaanxo)

Shannon (Shaaanxo)

Her channel focuses on great make-up tutorials and tips that can fit any type of occasion. She also includes unique make-up styles and experimentation.

19. Chloe Morello (ChloeMorello)

Chloe Morello (ChloeMorello)

Chloe Morello’s tutorials focus more on eyeliners and make-up. She also offers a couple of skin care tips, beauty product reviews, hauls and more.

20. Karissa Pukas (saturdaynightsalrite)

Karissa Pukas (saturdaynightsalrite)

Her channel has a series of ‘get ready with me’ styling tutorials / routines, as well as other fashion and make-up tutorials.

21. Holly Ann-AeRee (hollyannaeree)

Holly Ann-AeRee (hollyannaeree)

This fashion vlogger gives you a variety of hair care, make-up and beauty tips, as well as product recommendations.

22. Lauren Curtis (laurenbeautyy)

Lauren Curtis (laurenbeautyy)

Lauren Curtis gives you make-up tutorials that are specifically made for different occasions such as weddings, proms and others. She also does hair tutorials.

23. Leina (makeupByLeinaBaaaby)

Leina (makeupByLeinaBaaaby)

Her makeup tutorials are mostly of imitating celebrity looks such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and much more.

24. Dulce Candy (DulceCandy87)

Dulce Candy (DulceCandy87)

Dulce Candy’s tutorials are mostly about make-up, some hair tips, and also some product recommendations.

25. Jarmaine (JLovesMac1)

Jarmaine (JLovesMac1)

Adding to her fashion, make-up and hair styling video tutorials, she also offers a bunch of healthy lifestyle and fitness tips.

26. Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi)

Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi)

She gives you a bunch of makeup tips, tutorials, product recommendations, money-saving fashion tips and more.

27. Allison (amarixe)

Allison (amarixe)

Her collection of make-up and fashion tutorial videos also has a series of favorites, hauls, skin care and products she’s used up each month. Some DIYs are also present.

28. Tanya Burr (pixi2woo)

Tanya Burr (pixi2woo)

Tanya Burr mostly uploads social interaction and vlogging videos related to fashion with a couple of tips. On her make-up and fashion videos, she sometimes invites guest vloggers.

29. Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21)

Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21)

She gives make-up tutorials, organizing tips, getting ready tips, hair tutorials, and suggested products to use, along with guest vloggers.

30. Blair Fowler (juicystar07)

Blair Fowler (juicystar07)

Blair Fowler gives you some quick how-tos on hair styling, nail care, make-up, fashion and much more. She also offers some giveaways.

31. Fleur DeForce (FleurDeForce)

Fleur DeForce (FleurDeForce)

Product reviews, specifically rants about the worst products she had, are what you’ll mostly find in her channel. Occasionally, you can also find make-up challenges and tutorials.

Have you heard any of them? Who catches your attention the most?

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