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What Is Domain Authority And How Do You Increase It?


Website owners and even bloggers should be concerned about their websites’ domain authority. A domain authority is measure of how your domain name may affect search engine ranking. It is a means of predicting the performance of a domain in search results.

In other words, it is one of the search engine ranking factors, though not one that can be easily gauged. It is represented by scores ranging from 0 to 100. Influencing your site’s domain authority is a very tricky thing. There is no surefire way to execute it.

What determines domain authority?

Online business authority of a website can be determined by the number of relevant sites that link to it. Popular websites of today have already gained respectable authority, and they have become credible sources of information. Startup websites have to go through certain measures to ensure an increasing power on the web. This is when strategies like search engine optimization come into the picture. When your site has a lot of links from credible and relevant sites, it will gain good domain authority.

Ways to Increase Domain Authority

Generally, tactics that work for your online popularity and visibility shall work to your website’s authority. In other words, doing the best online practices helps your website get a good reputation on the internet. All these practices are done for one thing—to gain more traffic.

Write up-to-date and relevant content

The recent Google Panda update forced many websites to furnish useful content, keeping readers instead of search engines in mind. Writing good content is one effective way to establish reputation. Link building works well when coupled with impressive and informative writing.

Write comments on blogs and websites in your niche

People will get to know you once you post an authoritative comment that adds something relevant to the discussion on blogs or sites they follow. Of course, the goal is not to deliberately advertise yourself. The idea is to get people from other places to know you so that you get clicks from these places.

Generate links from relevant sites

Every seasoned webmaster will give you this advice if you want to boost the authority of your website. However, link building is a tricky undertaking, which should be done artfully with the aid of high-quality content. Links in a badly done article will most likely be ignored, but those in useful articles can bring clicks to your website.

There’s no definite strategy for increasing your online authority, but one that gets you closest to that goal is SEO. Most webmasters do SEO primarily to gain tremendous traffic to their sites. Anyway, whether you want to gain traffic or gain good domain authority, it all boils down to improving online visibility and reputation.

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