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Getting The Most Quality And Targeted Traffic To Your Website


You may already be enjoying that your SEO efforts do work fine. Why? Because you have thousands of visitors every single day. However, do you realize that a large majority of that number are useless?

What I mean ‘useless’ here is that, these visitors are of very little significance or value to your site. If you ask Google, they won’t really care that much if your numbers are rolling high. Did you even ask yourself how long do these visitors stay on your website? Do they view other pages as well? And the most of all, are you achieving the goal that you always have set beforehand, such as making sales afterwards?

You see, the most common temptation out of knowing SEO techniques is that, we want our traffic to drive crazy in number. We want these visitors to undergo a tidal stampede just to get to our open doors. But are they really human visitors? Or are they zombie-like visitors who just hit your site by chance? If you really value your visitors to be really human, you must realize that real traffic must be something of a real human transaction.

What a good traffic really is

You must always keep in mind the main reason why people search the internet: they are looking for answers. Now, these answers come in various forms and value, and it can be in the form of a product, a book, a quick answer to a question, a good resource, a material, or simply, a feeling or experience. You don’t go to Facebook simply because you know Facebook; you create your account and you sustain it because it has a valuable merit to you.

Now, what does your blog offer? Is it a product? Do you provide comprehensive answers to the queries of the people? Can you give a very unique experience people would love? If you can clearly identify these goals of your website, then you must now know why people will look for your site. If you are the answer, then the real good traffic is from people who are asking for or are in need of you. This real good traffic is now known as the targeted traffic, and this is because they are the targets of your site.

Bad traffic

Putting into the light of contrast, a bad traffic is sourced from people who may have accidentally landed on your website, or better, from people who did not find what they are looking for on your website. These are the people who flee or take off after spending a few seconds or minutes on your site. Yes, you may argue that you have the answer and they just didn’t notice it, but the point is that, they really didn’t. Most of the time, SEO specialists would call this bad traffic a bounce rate, because these visitors only bounce off your site.

What you can do

Oftentimes we would argue that to get the best results, SEO is the best answer. As for me, it is one of the best ways, but it is only a part of the real working steps here. Check out these few tips which might really help you and your website get the right visitors.

  1. Always and always prefer quality content over quantity. Usually we are tempted to do more because a larger database of content may seem more appealing to search engines, but along the way we forget that what really must matter is the content itself. Make sure your content is a comprehensive answer to a question or to a need, or else it will not work.
  2. Stick with original content more than rephrasing another’s work. Use your own images, your own structure, your own style, and of course, your own scholarly answer.
  3. Give more emphasis on optimizing keywords when we are to talk about SEO. People search for you through the use of specific ‘trigger’ words or phrases, and if you let search engines know that you are the right choice as an answer, then they will prefer pulling you up to the list. Make sure your keywords are properly used, are dense enough, and are very strong and relevant to what people might be asking for.
  4. Don’t bore people. Even if you have the right answer and even if you are on the top of Google’s list of search results, people will always prefer others if your page is not entertaining and is not responsive enough. How long does it take to load your website? Is my choice of font face and size friendly enough for on-screen reading? Do I try to keep my visitors from getting bored by making my content clear and direct, with images in between so as to break the ice?
  5. Using videos can also be effective in providing answers to your visitors and may even direct them to your site. Using videos is a very convenient alternative to online reading, and it does not cost almost anything at all. In posting videos online, be sure that your approach is beneficial to be enticing for viewers, not simply videos talking about you or your product. People will not care if you have a product; they will only do if you can help them.
  6. Post relevant links of other helpful topics within each of your posts. This is to help your visitors get the exact answer just in case what they are currently reading is not really answering to their question. This is also where a larger database of content will help.
  7. Provide new materials if not update the old ones. People will always love to hear about answers that are very timely, refreshing, and assuring. Your product may be very common already for these past few years, but if you give your audience a brand new perspective, and if you let them learn that your product is a response to a current demand, then they will find your product new and promising.
  8. Make your call-to-action clear enough and well-positioned. If your site’s goal is to sell a product, at least you must make your visitors feel that ultimately, there’s a more effective answer (which is the product itself) than what they’ve read so far. Make that call-to-action figure highly visible and accessible.
  9. Interact with your targeted audience and potential visitors by joining relevant forums, communities, or groups, etc. You can also interact via social media sites, and again, always appear to be ready and helpful.

If you learn to abide by these basic tips, people and even Google would not really hesitate to buy from you, give you free targeted traffic, and even recommend you to someone else. You will be rich and you will be more popular. Real authority comes when you are solid with what you, and that is being of service to people who are in need of your help.

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By Pauline Cabrera

A twenty-something savvy web designer / social media manager / SEO strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. Follow me on social media and say hello! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Twitter

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