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Mardi Gras Instagram Hashtags


The Mardi gras, or the “Fat Tuesday” celebration is indeed one of the most highly-anticipated events around the world, and comes right before the Lenten Season of the Roman Catholics. It’s also sometimes called Carnival Season due to its circus-like theme, costumed people, colourful dancers and many other wonderful things. It’s done as a preparation for fasting and abstinence – being cheerful, merry and eating foods that can make you go fat, hence, Fat Tuesday, and because after that, it’s going to be quite sad due to the Holy Week.

Many countries such as Brazil, Germany and other European countries celebrate Mardi Gras, as well as the United States. They have different variations and customs but the concept is pretty much the same – go wild and become joyful! From the food, street parties, floats, parades, music and entertainment, any Mardi Gras celebration should brighten up your day.

During holidays like these, it’s good to know what hashtag to follow on social media like in Instagram, so that we’ll not only be able to browse but also share our Mardi Gras stuff.

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