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5 Great Tips For Effective Mobile Advertising

5 Great Tips For Effective Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is becoming a household name since smartphones have open up the stage for greater maneuver into this advertising field.

Below are five parameters to take into consideration when investing in mobile advertising. Effective mobile advertising is the one incorporating both the latest and most foolproof strategies, these are:

1. Text Messaging

Don’t underestimate their popularity and (still) wide use. Despite the recent ubiquity of smartphones, still a lot of mobile owners largely rely on text messaging for their day to day conversations.

So while smartphones are taking the mobile market by storm, text messaging is not going anywhere soon. It will take years for it to become obsolete, if ever. So making sure to invest a portion of your advertising budget into text messaging is a wise choice to make.

2. Mobile Web Browsing and Mobile Apps

It has been predicted that by 2015 half of US Internet users will be surfing online through some sort of mobile device, namely tablets and smartphones.

With this in mind, it becomes clear how imperative it is to invest in building a mobile app or mobile enabled website in order to direct traffic to your brand and company.

Failure to do so, means letting unexploited an otherwise great advantage, capable of giving a strong boost to your company’s sales.

You might want to consider building a different mobile landing page, this way mobile users will find it easier and more attractive to take the step and get to know your brand a little bit more.

3. Rich media Advertising

As you may have realized already, mobile advertising is a complex and multi-faceted market, it offers a range of different advertising mediums and fields, such as rich media advertising.

This includes short adverts with sound, video and complex graphics, rather than just plain text.

4. Know your audience—Real good

If you are targeting different groups and demographics, your mobile advertising needs to reflect this variety and be equally multi-valent.

If necessary, build different advertising campaigns for each of your targeted market niches. It’s all about addressing each segment comprehensively and intimately.

5. Picking the most suitable mobile advertising network

There’s more than Google Adwords, do your research on the most appropriate and efficient ad network by taking into consideration your budget, your goals, your sales conversion and of course your targeted customers.

When it comes to mobile advertising, thinking ahead is key.

It is crucial to incorporate fail-proof strategies such as text messaging and mobile applications, but you should also keep an eye on the latest mobile ad developments too; should video advertising be the next big thing? What about the use location point advertising for higher conversion rates?

Last but not least, don’t (you dare) put all your eggs in one basket, equally promote other media of advertising as a tactic to safeguarding and sustaining your company’s profits.

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