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Using advertising to build and expand your customer base

Advertising can be a very effective way of selling products and/or services to a certain group of consumers known as the target audience. The strategy is used as a way to encourage these consumers to avail of a company's service, or buy their products, or at the very least, do something that could lead to either - such as subscribe to the company's mailing list, or tell others about the product, service, or company.

Brand reinforcement is used to establish a company's image or reputation to its market, and the traditional media channels for this include radio and TV stations (commercials), mail (where coupons and coupon codes, promos, deals and sales are sent to residents) , billboards, printed materials (flyers, newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.), and relatively recently, the internet.

As technology evolves, so does advertising. Users of mobile phones and devices are now served with ads, but there are major differences in advertising using traditional media channels and using these newer methods. Knowing how to use these different channels and how not to use them is what everything comes down to, and this is the kind of information you can expect in the articles we provide here.

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