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Email Marketing Strategies

Mail sent electronically or "e-mail" remains to be one of the most powerful means to communicate with others. Its function and integrity are still very much recognized. Proof of this are the over 3 billion email accounts as of last year, according to Pingdom. Even with the introduction of platforms for interaction and communication like social media, Email continues to persist.

While mostly seen as a simple means for communication and exchange of data, email serves another purpose: to reach target customers in a direct fashion. The capabilities of email are perfect for this purpose. Important links can be included in it. Customers can be drawn in through the use of design and images. Exclusive offers, recommendations, promos, discount codes and deals can also be sent through email. Cleverly made advertisement can also come with email signatures. This is just naming a few of the things that can be done using Email.

How are marketing emails sent without "spamming"? What leads users to unsubscribe to email lists? The answers to these and better ideas for email marketing await you in these pages. Find out how you can use Email to stretch your reach to a wider audience.

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