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6 Reasons Why Bloggers Are Scared To Send Emails And How To Get Past The Fear

As a blogger you have heard over and over that you must have an email list.

6 Reasons Why Bloggers Are Scared To Send Emails And How To Get Past The Fear

You have heard the money is in the list.

You have heard email subscribers are more loyal.

You have heard you get more pageviews if you have an email list.

You get it, you need a list.

But not only do you need an email list, you need to send emails to your subscribers.

Does that statement send chills down your spine?

I know many bloggers have a fear of actually sending emails to their list.

These are the top six fears I hear from my clients about sending email newsletters:

  • I don’t know what to send
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I am scared people will unsubscribe
  • I worry what people will think of me
  • I have a small list
  • I’m not sure how often to send emails

Do you have these same fears about sending emails? Let’s take a look at each of these ideas in-depth and how you can move past the fear of sending emails to your subscribers.

1. I don’t know what to send

Something I hear all the time is “I know I need to send emails to people but I have no idea what to send.” Do you sit down at your computer to write your email newsletter and a brutal case of writer’s block sets in?

How to Move Forward: The process for creating an email newsletter is the same as writing a blog. Think of a list of topics you want to write about. Then under each topic brainstorm a list of ideas for your newsletter. They can be tips, exclusive content, or your favorite tools and resources. Like blogging, you need a plan with your email newsletter. That way when you sit down to write you aren’t overwhelmed with what to send.

Still unsure what to send? Check out the link in my bio for a worksheet that will help you solve this problem once and for all!

2. I don’t know where to start

Does the thought of sending emails leave you confused? Are you not sure where you should even start? I know a lot of bloggers feel this way and it’s understandable.

First you have to choose an email service provider from the thousands of options out there. Then you have to set up your details in the service. Finally you have to figure out how to create your list and setup your email opt-in form. And this is before you even send your first email!

How to Move Forward: Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by a task I don’t understand I do two things. First I research, then I make a to-do list. If you feel overwhelmed by choosing an email service I encourage you to do some research. Look for blog posts on “How to choose an email service provider.” Research posts that will show you how to setup the service you pick.

Next make a to-do list. Make a list of all the things you need to do before sending out your first email newsletter. This will make the process seem less daunting.

3. I am scared people will unsubscribe

Another fear I hear a lot from bloggers is what if I send my email newsletter and people unsubscribe? Then I have lost people on my list. They won’t visit my blog anymore. They won’t click my affiliate links or buy my eBooks. When they unsubscribe I lose a follower and potential income.

I love, absolutely love, when people unsubscribe from my email list, but I wasn’t always that way. I took it personal– oh I sent out something bad so they unsubscribed. I rung my hands– oh now they won’t visit my blog. I panicked– oh if they don’t visit my blog I lose a potential client.

But like I said, now I love it when people unsubscribe from my list. Why?

A few reasons:

  • I don’t know the reason. I don’t know the reason the person unsubscribed. Maybe the unsubscriber didn’t like something I wrote in my email. Or they left the industry I am blogging in and are no longer interested in getting emails about that topic. Maybe they are in the mood to just purge their inboxes. The point is I don’t know why they unsubscribe unless they tell me directly. The less personal I take it, the less hand wringing I am doing.
  • We weren’t a good connection. When someone unsubscribes from my list they decided we aren’t a good connection. To that I say Thank You! I made a decision a long time ago that I only want to work with people who want to work with me. If someone breaks that connection through email they have saved us both a lot of frustration. We weren’t a good match and I would rather find that out now, then a month into working with them and being miserable. It’s not fair to them and it isn’t fair to me.
  • I am closer to my ideal client. Every single time someone unsubscribes from my list I am almost happy about it. I think to myself “Yes! I am that much closer to my ideal client!” I would rather have a list of 25 people who love my work and see the value that I bring to the table. To me that is better than having a list of 3,000 people and having only five people interested in my services. The more I narrow down my list, the closer I am to my ideal client.

How to Move Forward: If you are scared that people will unsubscribe from your list consider these ideas. Once I was fine with the fact people would unsubscribe it was easier to send email newsletters.

4. I worry what people will think of me

We have in our minds that email marketing is spam. That all email marketers do is send spam emails trying to get people to buy their products. We worry that we will get lumped into that category.

Or we worry that we will annoy people when we send our emails. We worry that people will get irritated with us because we are bothering them.

How to Move Forward: People have the option of unsubscribing and will if they don’t want your emails. If you worry about this consider my thoughts on people unsubscribing.

After that make sure you are sending valuable content. Make it exclusive to email subscribers only. When you are sending valuable content you aren’t a spammer and you won’t annoy people. The will actually look forward to getting your emails!

5. I have a small list

Bloggers say to me all the time “Well my email list is small. It’s under 100 people. Should I even be sending emails?”

My answer is yes you should!

Here are three reasons why you should send emails even if you have a small list.

  • People don’t know. First of all the people on your list don’t know your list is small. All they know is that they signed up for your email list and they want emails from you. Give them what they want! Treat your list like there are 1,000 people on it even when there are only 37.
  • Get in the habit. To grow your blog you must grow your email list. Part of doing that includes emailing your list. It won’t be any easier to start the habit when you have 1,000 people than it is when you have only 37. In fact it is easier to get in the habit now while your blog is growing. Down the road when you are managing clients, products, and creating content it will be harder to add something new to your plate.
  • Gain Confidence. Imagine sitting down and sending an email to 1,000 people. Sounds kind of scary right? Now imagine sitting down and sending an email to 37 people. A lot more manageable isn’t it? Sending emails when your list is small builds your confidence. Your small tribe will email you back and tell you that your email helped them. Those emails from your subscribers will do wonders for your confidence level.

How to Move Forward: Embrace your small list! These will be the people who are on your journey with you from the beginning. These will be some of your most loyal followers. Show them that you value their loyalty and send those emails!

6. I’m not sure how often to send emails

Another issue bloggers have with sending email newsletters is they aren’t sure how often to send them. They worry about emailing too much or not emailing enough. They don’t want to annoy people by sending too often. But they don’t want to not send enough so people forget that they exist.

How to Move Forward: I think that you should send emails to your list at least once a week. To me more than once or twice a week is overkill. If you send too often you will annoy people and you don’t want to do that. As long as you are sending good, quality content and not just links to your blog posts, you are fine to send a weekly email newsletter.

On the flip side sending emails once or twice a month isn’t enough to stay top of mind with your subscribers. We are all busy people and we see so many advertisements every day. We aren’t going to remember a blogger without them reminding us that they are here. Gone are the days of writing epic content and expecting people will remember you. You have to remind them why you are so great!

Email marketing feels scary to bloggers but it doesn’t have to be. Take the time to figure out what is holding you back from sending emails to your list. Is it fear of looking bad or not knowing what to write? Do you worry about annoying people or having them unsubscribe? You are an excellent writer and have a lot to offer your audience. They are on your email list because they love your content and want to hear more from you. Give them what they want, send emails, and build a loyal following!

Jen Snyder
By Jen Snyder

Jen Snyder is a blogger at Women Winning Online and is passionate about helping women grow their blogs, so they can have the flexibility to do the work they love while spending time with the people they love. If you are stuck on email marketing and don’t know what to send after the opt-in, download Jen’s 10 point worksheet to create the perfect email newsletter people will want to read.

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