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Back-to-back Backlinking Basics

Surprisingly, only a few bloggers and website owners are aware of the fact that backlinks are the biggest players in SEO. Now, before you go and scramble to get backlinks just about anywhere, it is of utmost importance that the links you get are quality backlinks. There are websites and platforms that are ideal for backlinks, and there are places where you should never even consider in the first place.

Quality backlinks are those that bring you consistent, quality traffic consistently, long after you’ve stopped building the backlinks. You see, what most unaware bloggers would do is build hundreds of forum accounts and just mindlessly spam their links everywhere. This not only brings temporary, low-quality traffic, but you will eventually get on the bad side of Google with your spammer ways.

How, then, do you go about building quality backlinks that will assure consistent, quality traffic to your website?

Here are some you can try out for your blog:

  1. Guest Blogging

    Being the sincere blogger that you are, you’d naturally want to reach out to more people who might need your help and expertise. You can do this by writing blog posts for other websites with a similar or related niche as your own website. This brings about mutual benefits for both you and the website where you’ll guest-blog: the followers of that website will be brought back to your own website, and the website owner will be all too happy to offer his/her followers new, unique, and excellent content from another blogger’s point of view.

    The backlinks you will get using this method are long-lasting since these websites have also established their own followers who trust them—and will now trust you, too.

  2. Submitting In Article Directories

    Google loves Web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo, Ezinearticles, and Hubpages—they are authority websites that ranks high in search engines. Placing articles on these websites means putting your reputation on trusted sites, earning more points for your own website from Google. You only have two tasks here: write excellent posts and submit these articles to Web 2.0 sites. Don’t forget to include your website link, your name, and a catchy author bio in your article submissions.

  3. Submitting Your Blog to Social Bookmarking Sites

    Google bots crawl all over social bookmarking sites and within seconds, they index submissions in these websites. Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and Stumbleupon are authority social bookmarking websites that are known to send quality backlinks to blogs and having these blogs ranked by Google in less than 24 hours.

  4. Submitting Documents to Document-Sharing Websites

    Do you have an e-book that you can submit to document-sharing websites? This is another way to get quality backlinks effortlessly and for free—all you have to do is submit your e-book (or a compilation of your three best blog posts in PDF format) to document-sharing sites such as Scribd and Dostoc. These two have the stamp of approval and trust from Google, so your documents will definitely bring traffic back to your website. Just don’t forget to include your blog URL and your name in your uploads.

  5. Making YouTube Videos

    Take full advantage of the video sharing platform YouTube and make videos containing your blog content. It is a fact that some people just can’t stand reading information—they are the ones who learn by audiovisual methods. Cater to the needs of these people by creating quality videos that give a link back to your website “for more videos” or “for more helpful information.” Just make sure that you put up really interesting videos to begin with so as to entice your viewers to go to your website for more details. Leave your YouTube videos as video responses to related YouTube channels for more exposure.

  6. Joining Forums

    As part of your research for your website content, you’d naturally gravitate toward forums and discussion threads about similar products or services in your niche. While you’re spending lots of time reading forums, why don’t you make your stay count by actually interacting with the other people present in these threads? And no, “interact” doesn’t mean “leave my URL link on a comment box.”

    Here’s what you should do: leave an insightful and meaningful piece of advice or information that you know will greatly help the people discussing in these threads. If you offer really good advice, these people will just voluntarily click the URL on your signature to find out more about the person behind such sincere and genuine help offered. No more “Please click on my link!” spamming on forums—just show them what you can offer and let them come to your website of their own freewill. You’ll build a more credible reputation this way.

While all these techniques work wonders, they can only deliver excellent results when you make use of them consistently. That means making a commitment to yourself to get a certain number of backlinks per day. For instance, aim for at least five backlinks in a day, and do this everyday until you are satisfied with the traffic that your blog is getting. Backlinking is a great SEO method—you just have to be patient as you start since you won’t be seeing results right away. Trust that these techniques are highly efficient ones—they’ll bring you your desired results as long as you stick to them regularly.

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