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5 Facts You Should Know Before Hiring An Seo Consultant


Most of your competitors right now are hiring SEO consultants, professionals who are experts in search engine optimization.

A search engine optimization specialist works to optimize your website so that it appears on the first page of search results when people look for it online.

Why do you need to hire a search engine optimizer?

SEO is an important means of increasing traffic to your website. If you are a business owner, driving traffic to your website increases potential sales.

But you are probably too busy with meeting business partners or improving your products or adding new services that you have little, if any, time to implement the task completely.

The first reason is basically lack of time. Another reason is insufficient expertise. Why do you have to take time to learn how to drive traffic to your website when you can ask an established expert to just deal with the job?

Once you have decided to hire an SEO consultant, the next concern is who to hire. Now a few things must be kept in mind.

#1: SEO is no overnight affair

If you want your websites to be visible in SERPs right away, consider another type of service provider. Perhaps you need an advertiser or a PPC manager. Search engine optimization takes a few weeks to take effect. The initial tasks involve optimization of website content, link building, and generation of content for article marketing. All these tasks demand a lot of time, and they take a few weeks to take effect.

#2: SEO isn’t cheap

When they say SEO is cheap, they are not giving you the whole picture. Search engine optimization is cheaper than conventional forms of advertising, but in the long run it can prove to be expensive. Many companies have shelled out much funds to SEO contractors and see little results.

#3: Many service providers are offshore

A huge number of SEOs are not from your country. Even many local companies have teams from other countries (India, Philippines, Pakistan, and so on).

Services from these countries are much cheaper than those you find in yours. If you don’t feel like hiring offshore consultants, ask your prospects where they are working from.

#4: Optimization tactics are at risk to algorithm shifts

Google, the most popular search engine, has been changing the way it ranks websites. Some strategies that used to work may no longer work today.

Hence, it’s necessary to hire a search engine optimizer who is updated with current changes.

#5: You can learn it

If you started off with meager knowledge on SEO, you can train yourself. There are lessons that allow you to be familiar with how search engines work and how web pages are ranked. SEO training is ideal for people who wish to know how to drive traffic to their websites.

Bonus Tip: Learn What To Ask a SEO Company before hiring them.

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By Pauline Cabrera

A twenty-something savvy web designer / social media manager / SEO strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. Follow me on social media and say hello! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Twitter

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