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15 Top Seo Firefox Extensions For Internet Marketers

SEO specialists cannot do their job without the help of tools, many of which can be incorporated in the browsers. If you are using Firefox, you can add plugins and add-ons that allow you to do search engine optimization more conveniently. The awesome number of Firefox extensions can confuse users. Here are some of the best tools you must check out.

1. Foxy SEO Tool

This is a free extension that lets you access a lot of search engine functions like Google Site or Live Fromlinks. This tool includes sites like Alexa and Quantcast (popular web traffic analysis sites) as well as Quarkbase and WebSiteOutlook (statistics aggregators).

2. Google Global Firefox Extension

This tool allows users to see Google search results, both organic and paid, in any location.

3. Google toolbar for Firefox

This toolbar is your gateway to all important services of Google. It also allows quick access to the PR score toolbar, which is useful for those who follow the old-fashioned way of evaluating page SEO value.

4. Header Spy

The Header Spy displays HTTP headers on the status bar. This add-on includes 10 status bar panels, custom headers, and menu with headers for status bar panels.

5. HTML Validator

This Firefox extension shows the number of errors of HTML pages when browsing. It can validate the HTML a server sends.

6. KGen

The Keyword Generator allows you to view strong keywords on web pages.

7. Niche Watch Tool

This tool provides backlinks number, keyword occurrences on a page, page rank, and other key information regarding the optimization of a site. You can use the information in planning strategies to beat your competitor.

8. RankQuest SEO Toolbar

It provides fast and convenient access to 30 useful SEO tools like Alexa Rank and Page Rank.

9. Rank Checker

Bulk checking keyword rankings can be done on your Firefox browser through this tool.

10. SearchStatus

This is another tool that displays PageRank or Alexa Rank and is equipped with reliable keyword density analyzer, keyword highlighting, and backward links.


This allows you to determine the placement of a site on Google and Yahoo! with the use of a keyword.

12. SearchKeys

This Firefox plugin takes you to a site simply by keying in a random number that corresponds to the site’s position in SERPs.

13. SEO Link Analysis

It shows the PageRank of the linking page and the anchor text user.

14. SEOpen

It can quickly check inbound links, http headers, and PageRank.

15. SEOQuake

This is geared to webmasters who deal with SEO and website promotions. It helps webmasters obtain key SEO parameters and save such data for future use.

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