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13 Best Google Plus Circles You Need To Add In 2014 #circlesharing

I've been very active on Google+ for the past 2 weeks. I never thought this social network would be as useful and I'm so glad to have met so many great people. I've learned a lot more about social media marketing, how G+ works, etc.. and I can't wait to share my story on the next article. But for now, I'd like to share my favorite circles.

If you want to grow your followers, you should follow active users and they'll likely follow back. Just make sure you have your profile set up! Here are my 13 favorite circles. Add them, they're awesome!

1. Engaged Users

2. Altered DNA's circle

3. Altered DNA's v17.2

4. 31 Interesting People

By Christine DeGaff's, the Queen of Circles.

5. Special Christmas Holyday Circle

6. MegaBall #6

7. Explore G

8. Photographers

9. Original Creators

10. 360 Degrees Circle

11. Share The Love Circle

12. Happy 2014 Circle

13. Ladies Only

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By Pauline Cabrera

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