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Basic Guidelines In Using Youtube To Promote Your Business

YouTube is by far the most popular website today as far as video sharing is concerned. Most people go to YouTube whenever they want to search for videos. This is why most bloggers, internet marketers and other types of online publishers or entrepreneurs make use of YouTube in order to gain plenty of exposure on the web. However, how exactly would you be able to make sure that your video would stand out in order to ensure that you would be getting a lot of traffic that you could drive to your company website? Here are some of the strategies that you could use to promote your company's products and services.

Make your channel look professional

1. Create a Customized URL You would actually be getting your own YouTube channel once you sign up for an account with YouTube. Some of the advantages of having a YouTube channel would be that you would have the ability to customize your own URL.

For instance, if your company's name is Organic Diapers For Your Baby, then you could set up your URL to be: http://www.youtube.com/OrganicDiapersForYourBaby. You could then arrange all of your own videos in this location. You would also be able to create your company's profile and link back to the website of your company. You would also have the opportunity to establish an effective presence in YouTube.

2. Add more information about your company or business, along with your contact information and a link to your website. This would not just increase the amount of targeted traffic going into your website but also allow your existing and potential clients to learn more about what your company and what you are offering.

Select an account type to Hit your target audience

When you create a new YouTube account, you would have the chance to select which type of account you would like to have. Although you do have the Standard account, you might want to explore the other account types.

You could choose to have a Director account, which would be great if you produce your own web videos. You would also be able to add some custom items as well as a logo on your profile pages. There is also the Musician account, a good choice if you will be promoting your music on YouTube. Aside from being able to add a custom logo and select a music genre, you would also be able to display the tour date information as well as the CD purchase link on your profile page. You could also get a Comedian account, which is great for those who plan to promote a stand-up act or comedy show. You also have the option of choosing to have a Guru account, particularly if you are an expert in a certain field, whether that is in web design, cooking or baby care. By choosing this account type, you would be able to select a custom logo, a genre, along with links to the other websites that you have from all of your profile pages.

YouTube users could search for videos by channel, so through narrowing your channel's focus by having a specific account type, you would be able to reduce the competition from the other videos on YouTube. This would give you a better opportunity to promote your company or business.

Upload Relevant Videos

You can also try uploading videos which specifically promote your products and services. For instance, if you are selling toys, you might want to create and post a video that gives a glimpse of the new product arrivals that you have. You can even add some demonstrations of the products which could be useful in the decision-making process of your existing and potential clients. Now, if you are selling a DVD on a guide about gardening, you can upload an interesting excerpt of the DVD, along with some instructions on how to order the full-length version. Another way to promote your services and products in YouTube would be to upload instructional videos which are related to what you are selling.

As you upload relevant videos, you could tag and categorize them as well. This is very important as you would be able to further direct people to your video and ultimately, to your company website. You could use relevant keywords and key phrases in your tags and choose a category where your video or business falls under. That way, you would be able to receive targeted traffic.

Design Your Video

Aside from making the proper choice of videos to upload, you should also make sure that it can properly viewed by your viewers. Remember that your videos would be viewed on a small window. You need not spend too much on the production of your video as long as it successfully sends your message across. If you do want to spend for the production, you might want to ensure that you have good onscreen graphics. You can add a title, appropriate subtitles and your website and company contact information.

Make use of Youtube Bulletin

Communicate with your channel subscribers through email messages and YouTube bulletin creation. These are just some of the self-promotion opportunities that YouTube offers. You could send email messages to other YouTube users and create bulletins on your profile or from other users' channel pages.

Post video responses

This is a very effective of getting more exposure for yourself on YouTube. As you leave meaningful video responses on other users' videos, other users who might be interested in what you said or posted could visit your channel and your videos and even your company's website to know more about you and what you are offering.

Join Youtube Groups

You could also join or create a YouTube Group. There are numerous groups on YouTube where users could discuss and share videos. By doing this, you would be able to get access to a targeted audience who could potentially be interested in what you are offering.

By joining the YouTube community through setting up an account and your own channel, you would be able to promote your company and the products and services that you are offering without having to go through a great deal of effort and spending a lot of money. It is truly a great social media marketing website which can do wonders for your business.

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