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7 Awesome Ways To Market Your Business On Instagram


Instagram offers a fun way of sharing photos to a social community most especially for friends and family.


..many online marketers have discovered the potential of using Instagram for marketing as well.

Instagram allows its users to take photos through its simple interface that comes with different digital filters to create special effects on your pictures..

And you can instantly post it ready for social sharing. The part is Instagram service is free! Awesome right?

OK. Let's get started!

Here are some ways on how YOU can use Instagram for your business.

#1 Draw more audience using images

Sometimes, people are often too lazy to read articles. You can get the attention of the social media members by posting photos that are related to your business. Posting your product items and showing off how fun it is to use them will certainly draw their attention.

You can communicate to your target market about how beneficial your product is would be to them by posting fun photos on how others are enjoying in using them.

Make a collage of your products (Instacollage would be the best app for creating photo collage) but do not make it too plain in sight. You can draw more attention when you don’t simply post your product photos but include your marketing promotions as well on any campaign drive that you have been doing to promote them in your local market.

#2 Giving your products a mobile presence

Owning an eCommerce website may not be enough to promote your market. By using Instagram, you can in fact give your products a mobile presence in addition to its presence on the web.

Instagram supports mobile application and has about thousands of downloads among mobile users thereby giving you an opportunity to cater to a mobile market as well.

#3 Use Instagram to tell your story

Each member of the Instagram community has a profile page that everyone can access. You can entice more followers for your Instagram account by posting photos that tell them stories.

You don’t want to overdo your promotion about your business. You can include an interesting life story about yourself or about the history of your company.

Make sure to balance in posting fun images and business photos in order to avoid boring your audience. If you run a company with employees and staff, take them to the limelight and include their story as well. You can also add their pictures while in action at work, showing how fun it is to be working for your marketing product campaign.

#4 Install the Instagram application on mobile

Every marketing opportunity should not be wasted! You will find the convenience of having an Instagram mobile application on your cell phone to take photos anytime, anywhere.

Take a snap on a customer who seems happy in buying your product or take the picture of your staff who look happy in working together with your cell phone through Instagram application.

There are lots of good stuff that your camera can catch anytime and these are good images to post on Instagram.

#5 Use Instagram for photo contest

A good marketing strategy is using the Instagram platform for a photo contest. This scheme will increase not only your followers but will also help build an engagement of your brand in the social media community.

You can sponsor a photo contest such as posting photos that are related to your brand or products. But before anyone can join make it a requirement for the contestants to follow your Instagram profile. This way, you are hitting two birds in one stone.

You increased the numbers of your followers and able to engage your followers to your products.

#6 Use Instagram for promotion

As a marketer, your main goal is to engage the public to your products. Use photos for the social media community members to see and offer them great discounts by viewing these photos. This may be in the form of a promo coupon or discount codes.

#7 And lastly, don't forget to add #hashtags.

This is my favorite method. Using relevant hashtags on your photos (caption) will help you gain more likes, thus more business exposure! I recommend using appropriate and popular hashtags together. Click here for the most popular hashtags on Instagram (which you can easily copy and paste).

These are great ways on how to use Instagram in promoting your products and services. The social community loves viewing photos and the more they will likely be engaged with your brand if you are able to hook them with more freebies and other interesting stories to tell through pictures.

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By Pauline Cabrera

A twenty-something savvy web designer / social media manager / SEO strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing. Follow me on social media and say hello! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on Twitter

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