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Social Media Marketing Through Squidoo Lens

If you are into social media marketing and are looking for an effective way to promote your business, then a good website would be Squidoo. Squidoo is social media marketing website which allows different individuals from all walks of life to share and express their hobbies, passions and interests through creating web pages which are called lenses. Squidoo lenses are similar to blogs and an individual does not need to have a lot of technical knowledge in order to create them. Aside from this, Squidoo also offers a wide range of benefits for internet marketers. Here are some of them.

squidoo lens marketing

1. First off, Squidoo allows the posting of affiliate links, unlike most of the other websites. This would give you the chance to make use of Squidoo in the promotion of your own products, services, blogs and websites.

2. Search engines, particularly Google, love Squidoo. Squidoo search results tend to have a higher ranking in Google compared to the other social bookmarking sites. Through making use of Squidoo, you would be able to increase your ranking on search engines, potentially increasing the amount of traffic that your website receives. You could create more lenses as this would greatly improve your ranking.

3. Squidoo also allows you to set up polls on your lenses. This is also very simple to do and you do not need to have technical knowledge to do it. Through creating polls, you would be able to gain some valuable insight in your niche market. An example of a poll that you could set up would be one that is about the products that they are using. You could then use the answers that you get in helping you build a better business. You could also ask questions then put a link to another lens which provides the answers. This would be an interactive way to generate some great and valuable niche insights.

4. You could also host eBay auctions, YouTube Videos and Amazon Books through a Squidoo lens. This is another valuable feature of Squidoo as these are some of the assets which a lot of internet marketers make use of in building their own web businesses.

5. You could also make use of your Squidoo lens to test out your keywords and key phrases for web traffic and popularity. On your Squidoo dashboard, you would be able to view statistics, which includes the number of visits which your lens received over the past week. You would also be able to see which of the lists that you have is most popular. This would be very useful if you are optimizing your Squidoo lenses.

6. Aside from earning money through promoting your eBay shop or affiliate program, you could also earn through becoming a Squidoo content provider or a lensmaster or through referring other people to become a part of the Squidoo community.

Creating Squidoo lenses is one of the most recommended marketing techniques today. If you have an online business, try using them to promote your products and services as you might just achieve the results that you want.

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