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3 Short Useful Tips On Using Linkedin To Market Your Business

LinkedIn is a social networking site which generally caters to different types of companies and business. It provides professional networking services for no cost. This is why most professionals, online companies and businesses today make use of LinkedIn for various marketing reasons. Here are some valuable tips which you could consider as you create a LinkedIn profile.

1. Develop a lot of connections. This is essential for all types of account holders, whether you are an individual or a company who are planning to increase online exposure. Through establishing and developing more connections, you would be able to increase the chances of having your profile viewed by more people. When you have more connections, you would be able to give off a good impression as people encouraging other people to enter into a professional relationship with you as well.

However, remember to establish proper connections. Although it is important to gain as many connections as you can, you need to make sure that you would not just adding vague or irrelevant connections. You could start by adding friends that you personally know, then your colleagues, your clients and your family members. After this, you could then start adding connections which are directly related to the direct connections that you have.

2. You could also make use of LinkedIn as a tool for social media optimization. One of the best things about LinkedIn is that profile pages generally have good search engine results ranking and good PageRank too. Try to take advantage of this opportunity by making the best use of all the links which LinkedIn allows you to make such as placing the links of your blog and your company.

3. Make use of the Answers section. This section of LinkedIn is often improperly utilized. This is because although many use it, they usually forget that LinkedIn is not similar to other social networking platforms. You would need to remember that LinkedIn serves as a hub of professionals and so, quality is expected. You could use this section to ask questions which are relevant to the type of profession or business that you have, giving you access to rational views and perspectives for free. Also, if you are an expert in a particular field, you could make use of this section to build authority through answering questions posted by other members. Through building authority among a community of professionals on a global level, you would be able to gain a wider customer base from all over the world.

These are just some useful tips which you could use as you create your own company's LinkedIn profile. Although there are literally hundreds of other social media and social networking sites on the internet today, LinkedIn remains one of the most credible ones, as most of its members present genuine and verifiable information. Because of this, all of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn would prove be worthwhile.

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By Pauline Cabrera

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