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5 Best Affiliate Tracking Programs To Increase Your Sales


Using an affiliate marketing program is one way to increase your sales through driving traffic to your website. This simply works by having affiliate websites that will help you gain traffic. A link to your website will be displayed on the affiliate site. Anyone visiting that site may see the link, click on it, and land to your page. It’s tough to manage affiliate program appropriately without the help of a tracking software program.

Businesses use affiliate tracking software to gain good level of control on crucial activities within the affiliate network. With this software, it’s easy to distinguish between sales and leads from affiliates or from your own sites, and it’s also easy to determine which affiliate sites your customers came from. You can also come up with accurate computations of payouts to your affiliates.

Choosing the Right Tracking Software

Succeeding in your affiliate program entails choosing the appropriate tracking software, which quite a challenging task, considering the number of available software programs out there. Tracking systems are more or less similar, with a number of commonly occurring features. Each software product, though, has its own set of unique characteristics.

Certain questions have to be answered when choosing a software product. Is it easy to install? What useful features are present? Is the software product easy to navigate? You also have to consider value for money, available customer support, and cost.

1. The Impact Radius

Impact Radius can work on social and traditional media. It serves online and mobile devices and allows you to focus on your business goals with efficiency.

2. HitPath

HitPath is a reliable tracking software product that is known for its accuracy. This tracking application is different from others, as it is made of third party pixel, allowing ease of use, and custom reporting. You can control administrative functions quite easily.

3. LinkTrust

LinkTrust helps you in your advertising campaign through a pixel tracking system. This software product allows you to keep track of conversations as well as traffic. More than 150 ad networks take advantage of this affiliate tracking program, which also has one of the most well regarded customer support.

4. NetSuite

This on-demand affiliate software gives a comprehensive customer view and allows you to see problems with service and orders. You can easily see consumer data, making you know your market better.

5. The Spector Pro Keylogger

Spector Pro provides a good range of features that makes trouble-free affiliate tracking possible. Even a beginner can work on the software easily. It captures keystrokes, chats, passwords, and instant messages. Hence, you can see what sites are visited and the activities done by visitors on the affiliate sites.

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