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7 Top Firefox Extensions Useful For Internet Marketers

Internet marketers are required to become more innovative and productive these days due to the growing competition. Web browser like Firefox has developed more advanced add-on tools that would help you to become more motivated to keep up with the fast growing and highly competitive online marketing industry. Here are some of the top useful Firefox extensions for Internet marketers:

  1. Bit.ly preview


    You'll find this tool more convenient especially when you want to share content with other sites such as the social networks. Bit.ly preview is a plug-in that allows Firefox users to a web page and the page title, long URL and any click data where a web page is linked into. This tool helps you to check out certain websites to help them decide whether a link is something worth to visit or not. It would also save time in checking out websites where to promote their products and services by simply hovering over the link they intend to visit.

  2. Shareaholic


    Social networking sites are very valuable platforms for internet marketers. Sharing your website/content URL via social media like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Evernote, Bookmarks, Google Mail or Facebook is a good marketing strategy that internet sellers could take advantage of.

  3. SEO Quake

    SEOQuake SEO is very crucial in internet marketing. SEO Quake is a plugin tool for Firefox and Window Explorer that help its users to use the features of various SEO parameters in investigating how their website performs. These SEO parameters include PR for Google rank, Yahoo links, MSN and Google index, Alexa rank, external and internal links, robot.txt, page source and many others. It uses a very simplified interface where you can make use of the toolbar that is readily located on the top of the page. You can easily expand the icon for each SEO parameters you want to view. You can even view a full detailed report on each SEO parameter.

  4. Firefox Blogging Extension


    Online marketers need more visibility on the internet by using blog sites. This is a valuable internet marketing strategy that is very useful in attracting visitors on a website. Firefox provides blogging tools to make it easier for internet marketers to promote their blogs for better visibility on the web. Zemanta is a Firefox extension that gives recommendation on the appropriate content to write for your blog site. It also helps optimize a site with media enhancements, links and tags with less effort in doing so.

  5. Xmarks Sync


    Internet marketers manage multiple bookmark accounts and have to keep tabs on their username and passwords. Xmarks Sync is a bookmarking and open tab add-on for Firefox browser that saves passwords for easy retrieval right from your browser. You can even sync the saved passwords on different computers. With this very useful password management tool, you are saved from the hassles of keeping numerous accounts usernames and passwords for bookmarking.

  6. Pocket: Social bookmarking extensions


    Social bookmarking sites are allies of internet marketers in promoting their website. It's common to save websites and links that are relevant and useful for your site and for future use hence a valuable Firefox extension for social bookmarking purposes has become a valuable tool for internet marketers to use. Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a Firefox social bookmark extension that allows you to save web pages for later viewing offline and it syncs to your tablets, phone and computers. GMarks also allows you to sync other bookmarks with Google bookmarks.

  7. Similar Web


    This is a very useful Firefox add-on plugin that can be used to take a peek on your competitors. This plugin shows similar websites or blogs that can significantly help to make a good competitive strategy of improving your site in order to match that of your competitors.

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