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Quick Idea: Using Your Signature To Boost Your Marketing Strategy

There are many marketing strategies that are used by online marketers these days and one of this is using your signature in order to boost your sales. The use of a signature is a good marketing strategy that will help in giving a person better visibility on the web. Some use their signature as a way of branding themselves in the online world and to deliver better information about their business and services.

Signature branding is commonly used whenever posting comments in forums or sending emails.

The benefit of using your signature in order to make known to others about your business is that you need not have to undergo a sales pitch but by affixing your signature that is linked to your website, it can already effectively connect to others subtly.

What to link on your signature?

Email Signature

There are many things that you can do in order to promote your market using a signature. The most common is using an email signature. You can easily set-up a signature to your email by going to the setting of your email provider and place a link of your own website, blog or affiliate products in it.

Set-up the email signature whenever you are using auto responder software to send to more people.

You may link your site to your signature in order to attract more visitors and to prompt them to visit your website to boost its traffic.

There are many things that you can link your signature into such as your social media network, books, conferences, new marketing offers and a lot more.

Forum Signature

Adding a link to your forum signature will help promote your website to different forum sites which is a good way of increasing your visibility on the web. It also builds up the number of backlinks to your site, which is a good strategy to boost your rank in the search engine.

How a signature link benefits your business market?

Internet marketers usually use signature as a way of promoting their business. There are beneficial uses in using signature in order to boost one’s market.

I suggest you to make your signature as catchy and interesting as you can in order to draw attention to your link. As people take notice of your signature, the more likely they will click on it and they will be directed to the linked website.

This is a good way of increasing the number of visitors to your site and for potential customers to make use of your products or services.


When using your signature to promote or advertise your services or business, make sure that the link provided in your signature is valid. Failure to provide the correct URL will direct people to a dead link, which could hurt your business strategy and credibility. You are giving your potential customers the impression that you’re not taking your business seriously. As a precaution, each time you link a URL to your signature, make sure to check it if it works or not.

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