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4 Superb Ways To Use The New Linkedin Features To Get More Business

LinkedIn is widely used by professionals in order to widen their business network and to find potential partners to do business with.

There are many business prospects in LinkedIn as more businessmen offer a great business opportunity that you can venture in.

Being a business oriented platform, LinkedIn has improved features that will further help their community members to optimize their chance in finding better business opportunities.

#1. Neater Profile Viewing to find Business Prospects

LinkedIn has optimized their user’s profile viewing. You can instantly obtain a good snapshot of the persons who are viewing your portfolio and those whom you view. With this neater profile viewing feature it is easier to decide whether the person is a good potential business partner. It likewise saves you the time and effort of browsing further as their profile will give you an instant access to the information whether they are potential client, business partner, employee or a vendor.

LinkedIn allows users to add notes to a profile that is within its first level connection. Doing so will certainly spark the interest of the prospect member. This feature is available as the website’s customer relationship management tool.

The new profile page shows the complete portfolio of each member thereby giving you better opportunity to instantly spot the one who meets the qualifications that are related to your business interests such as the member educational background and experience.

You can cut down the time in communicating with your business prospect. Directly from their profile you can send a message to them by hovering the cursor over to the photo of the member where the “send a message” button will show up.

#2. Enhance Your Branding Through Photos

Recognizing the importance of images in the social media, LinkedIn improved their member profile page to become more image-centric. You can take advantage of this feature in order to post interesting photos to captivate your audience, show off your brand and to market your products and services.

If you have a company logo you can use this feature to introduce your business to your profile visitors. Make sure to show your personal photo to add professionalism and substance on your profile page. Business prospects usually shun from profiles that do not at least post the picture of a member on their profile page.

#3. Build Your Brand Using LinkedIn Rich Media Tools

The medial tools that are now available on LinkedIn is widely used by marketers in order to show off their products and to highlight their services.

You can post video presentations and start a blog that would make the experience and education sections of your profile more enticing. Adding a video is a good medium to market your services and products so take advantage of this media tool when using LinkedIn.

#4. Use the Advance Search Feature

Searching for potential business opportunities and partners are made more convenient and easy using the LinkedIn advance search feature.

If you are looking for a graphic artist for instance, just key in that keyword and you will find a list of profiles with this qualification. Finding the one you are looking for has never been this easier. Moreover, you can also go to your connections in order to view their own connections.

Typing in the keyword will also give you a relevant result on the profiles who are in your connection’s connection. This will give you better options as you are likely looking at the list of profiles whom your connections trust and find reliable on their services.

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