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5 Clever Tips To Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Websites are useless without traffic. Planning your traffic generation strategies should be part of website creation and development. Directing people to your website is a tricky process that involves multiple strategies and varying approaches. The goal is to subtly make your website visible on many sites online. There are a few methods that are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website.

Article Writing

Article marketing is still one of the effective ways to build a good reputation on the web. Search engines love content, and the more content you have online, the greater your chances of getting clicks. However, your articles should be relevant to your website and should be informative.

Remember to use keywords appropriately, flooding one article with too much repetitive keywords will annoy the readers and could actually harm your site's ranking. Articles must be informative as opposed to promotional. You will be given a space below your article to promote yourself.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) services of Google is a quick way of getting direct traffic. Some website owners think this is expensive, but it only costs 0.10 per click. One advantage is that you can use Google Analytics to track the clicks you get, so you eventually determine good keywords. You then continue to use these keywords and drop those that people rarely use. Doing this will lower your costs in PPC management.

Forum Marketing

Joining online discussions allows you to showcase your expertise if there is any. You should be an authority in your niche, and it’s most useful to let people identify you to be one of the reliable persons in the field. So how do you go about artfully brandishing your banner?

Look for forums in your niche. If you have a photography blog, look for photography forums, and then answer posted queries the best and most professional way you can. Keep yourself from advertising your business on forums. You can direct readers to a related blog post or article to learn more about the topic of discussion.


Standalone businesses hardly last long. Find businesses related but not similar to yours. These become your associates in the industry. For instance, if you sell greeting cards, you can make connections with stationery companies. How about asking them to refer their customers to you? You are not stealing their customers, because you can share customers, providing them different but related products they can use at the same time. In return, you will have to promote these businesses and recommend them to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Use popular social networks for your own advantage. Create a Facebook fan page or Twitter account, where you can post updates on new services, promos, and events. You can also create a YouTube channel where you can upload instructional and promotional videos.

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