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Who Is This Girl?!

Pauline Cabrera

My name is Pauline. I am a 25-year old accounting student recent college graduate based in Ontario, Canada. I've been working in the field of web design and development for more than eight years with experience in both agency and in-house roles.

I fell into this industry by accident and it turned out to be the right one. Today, it’s impossible to define myself and not take into account my web design obsession. It’s who I am.

Over the years, producing and managing multiple websites has helped me gain a great wealth of knowledge related to online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, social media strategies, website optimization and so on.

Now I am dedicating this space to people who have a passion for running an online business and those interested in web design as well. With the help of my team, I want to be able to share what I’ve learned in a way that you can easily understand and put into practice; from building your online business, to optimizing and marketing your website.

My main goal is to help fellow entrepreneurs make their first step into the world of online businesses and guide you through.

And so the story goes…

I was introduced to web design during the Myspace days (which I hope you still remember what it is).

I was only 15 back then, spending insane amount of time online. A creative curiosity started taking hold of me; I began to wonder how people designed their Myspace profiles and layouts, I was interested in the work done behind the eye-catching faceade; the codes, the language used, the art of putting it all together.

As I started to learn more about HTML, CSS and the like, my interest in web design grew bigger. With this basic knowledge, I was able to design and tweak my profile. People seemed to love my layout designs and would often compliment until I decided to open another Myspace account exclusively about Myspace layout designs.

That’s when great things started happening to me.

Suddenly, I had over 300,000 friends and soon a major Myspace resource site (nuclearcentury.com) offered me a website for which I would create designs for visitors to choose from. I was getting paid $300/week for doing so. Considering I was still at school, this was a great development for me; I loved how I was able to earn for doing something I was plain crazy about!

Few months later, an online buddy dropped the idea of creating my very first own website. She convinced me. Although I was admittedly really scared to go out there on my own at such a young age, I somehow gathered courage and went for it. I’m to this day still grateful for taking that first step.

Despite having a very basic web design knowledge, that didn’t discourage me from learning as much as I could.

My first very own website (hot-lyts.com) was a hit, and it became one of the biggest Myspace resource site for layouts and the like. In fact, it was getting around 250,000 unique visitors on average per day. Myspace was at its best, and so was my website. But gradually Myspace started losing ground over new social networking sites. Eventually my website withered away too.

From then on, it made me realize so many things and asked myself, “Why did I not invest on building other websites while I had those visitors?” It was literally a dumb move putting all eggs in one basket.

But I had to move on. I couldn’t just sit there lamenting for the death of my first website.

I've done tons of research and read numerous blogs, books and magazines that helped me expand my knowledge related to the industry I've always been interested in. I started producing different kind of websites (including video sites, celebrity gossip sites, lyrics, quotes, etc.) and I even worked for some companies!

I guess no matter how many times you fail, you will never get tired of trying when you’re actually passionate about what you do.

Then one day, one of my websites started growing unexpectedly, which is now receiving over 100,000 200,000 unique visitors (UV) on average per day. I never thought I could do it again. It felt great.

Although quite a few freelance opportunities manifested themselves, I couldn’t get more involved as I wanted to both focus on my education and the websites that were already growing more popular by the second.

It was a pretty big challenge trying to have everything under control, my time was limited but I got by. Even though it has been a very demanding, challenging time in my life, it was nonetheless rewarding. I got to learn so much more, getting deeper into online business.

Despite all these experiences, I loved every single moment I’ve spent on it. I’ve gained valuable experience and learned so many things, which has helped me grow in the field of my interest.

Now I can say with certainty that you can only be truly happy if you turn your passion into creativity. I had many opportunities to give up, although my failures weren’t large-scale ones, for a teenager they did were a big deal.

As they say, failure should be your motivator and your teacher. Take a positive approach on failure. Use it to learn, rebound and create. I emphasize on the ‘create’ bit; never stop creating, only this will get you where you should be. Creativity has no concept of right or wrong, perfect or flawed. The mere process of being creative is priceless, and it is what was, and still is my life’s goal; to never stop creating.

Partly, this is why I’m creating (pun intended!) this blog, to share all the knowledge, trivial and crucial, I’ve gathered to help others realize their potential. I believe it’s important having support, resources and insight when going into new ventures. I honestly hope my blog will be of little help!

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