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10 Easy-to-use Round Neck T-shirt Templates


It’s true that you can easily get a t-shirt with a beautiful design. However, in the current society, more and more people are looking into designing their own t-shirt.

Tee printing is gaining popularity because several companies and organizations are using t-shirt to promote their own products.

Charity groups design their own t-shirts and sell them to people who are willing to support their cause.

Designing t-shirts is also considered by many companies because they can make the design they want. Apart from that, it’s also more affordable than other forms of promotions.

Although designing a tee allows you to use your creativity, it’s not easy to make. You’ll need trial and error for it before you can choose the final design.

However, you can avoid this process by opting to use a t-shirt template.

This type of template gives you an idea on how the final design will look like. In this way, it’ll be easier for you to make required changes before printing it out.

This mockup tool allows you to receive proper feedback on your design. If you’re creating it for a client, he’ll/she’ll be presented with a better picture.

To make a perfect frame for your t-shirt designs, here’s a list of templates that you can use. The templates are made for round-neck tee. They’re also available in different formats, like jpg, psd and more.

1. Blank t-shirt


This template is in jpg format with 300 pixels resolution. You’ll need Adobe Photoshop to insert your design. Blending modes are often used to add your design. You also need to play around with this template in order to get it properly.

2. Round neck t-shirt vector material


This template requires the use of Adobe Illustrator as it’s in .ai format. The image is in vectorized form so you’ll be able to edit it without worrying about pixellation. It’s available in three different colors allowing you to have a closer idea on how it’ll look in black, white and gray.

3. Blank white set 001


In here, you’ll find images of a tee in different forms. By using this template, you can insert your design and find out how it’ll look like when it’s placed on front, fold and back. The images are in high resolution of 3000x3989 pixels.

4. American Apparel Jersey 2001 Shirt Color Guide


It features vector outline, color swatches and a shirt. The template is available in ASE and AI format. As for the size of the tee, the designer uses the same size as the medium-sized tee of the company American Apparel.

5. T-shirt Template


This t-shirt template has different versions of a tee so you can see how your design will appear in a female, male, front or back of the tee.

6. T-shirt round neck men basic template


This package includes .ai and .psd files. Although it’s made for men’s tee, you can also use it when designing women’s t-shirt. You just have to adjust its settings to fit your style.

7. Black round neck t-shirt template


Template includes gray and red-colored tees. It shows you the front of a shirt.

8. T-shirt template 2011 TXFDesigns White


The template is in .png format and in 1500x800 pixels. It shows the front, back and side portions of a tee. This is great for a men’s t-shirt.

9. Female t-shirt template


It’s made for designing a tee for ladies. You can use the front and/or back. It’s not easy to find a template for a girl’s t-shirt these days because most designers use a man’s tee as a mockup tool.

10. Girl t-shirt template


This template has a model in it so you can easily present your tee ideas giving your clients an exact picture on how it’ll appear when the tee is worn.

These templates can be used for personal and commercial purposes. Although it’s not required, it’d be great to credit the designer when you use one of these templates.

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